Residents in some Neosho neighborhoods have reported “milky” water, and one of the city’s water wells has been shut down in response.

“One of our wells is sucking air,” explained Duane Linch, Neosho water/wastewater superintendent. Linch said the water table is dropping, and the water well at Dewey and Finney streets is drawing air into the line because the water table has gotten too low.

He said the well pump is down below the ground about 250 feet, and it is optimal to have the pump between 20 and 50 feet underwater, but it is no longer underwater.

Linch said the well at Dewey and Finney has been shut down and the lines are being flushed out. He noted that a good rain is needed to replenish the water table before that well can be placed back in service.

In the meantime, he said the city is not in a water crisis because the well has been shut down.

“It probably won’t affect us very much, we’re doing OK so far as far as being able to have enough water to distribute,” he said.

If the area would continue lack substantial rainfall, he said that could adversely affect the water supply in the future.

A neighbor across the street from the well reported that his family had begun bottled water because of the turbidity of city water.

For further information, please contact Neosho public works at 451-8071.