Huge wildcat paw prints have been appearing in the parking lots north of Neosho High School. Each year, the cheerleaders and other sports’ fans paint wildcat paw prints here and there working to bring up school spirit.

Having prints in place seems to mark the beginning of the school year. The athletes are beginning their pre-season workouts. The cross country kids are running to get in shape. In a couple weeks, school will once again be in session.

Received a nice envelope full of tidbits from Betty Willson a few weeks back. She had saved a column I had written for a magazine many years ago and sent it to me. She wrote a nice note saying how she had appreciated the column I wrote last spring about dandelions.

She also included a poem she had written about dandelions. I will share part of it:

Dear underrated dandelion,

Mowed down and killed with sprays,

Neglected long in prose and rhyme,

It’s time we sang your praise.

What other flower welcomes spring

And stays with frost to play,

And in old age is lovely still

With fluffy head of gray...

What other bloom so oft has graced

A small child’s first bouquet.

The children see you as you are-

To labels take no heed.

They love the sunny golden blooms

That grown-ups call a weed.

Dandelions and wildcat paw prints. Are they the best signs of spring and fall along Wildcat Boulevard?

Take a walk, use those signal lights, enjoy simple things in life like paw prints and dandelions, and see what you notice while passing along Wildcat Boulevard.
Russell Hively writes a weekly column for the Daily News.