We urge registered voters to go to the polls for the primary election Tuesday.

In addition to contested races in both the Democrat and Republican parties, there are a number of amendments on the ballot. We have been featuring stories on the various amendments, and contested races, all through this past week. A brief synopsis of the ballot issues — in simple language — follows:

Amendment 1: Would ensure agricultural processes in the state are not infringed.

Amendment 5: Would declare the right to bear arms an unalienable right in Missouri.

Amendment 7: Would provide a ¾-cent sales tax to be used to repair roads and bridges in the state.

Amendment 8: Would create a lottery to benefit projects and services for Missouri’s veterans.

Amendment 9: Would safeguard electronic speech from illegal search and seizure.
The Neosho R-5 School District also has a $24 million school bond issue on the ballot to construct a new junior high school.

Through the past week, we have presented the views of both proponents and opponents of these issues. Our task today is not to tell you how to vote, but to ask you to read our stories on these issues, make up your own mind, and to vote.

Voting in a primary election isn’t hard. You go to the polling place, produce a voter card or other form of identification, declare which ballot you want, take it to the booth, make your choices, drop it in the ballot box and you’re on your way.

For many people, it’s five or 10 minutes out of their day. And in Missouri, polling places are open 13 hours, from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Voting is not a right, it’s a privilege, one for which a high price has been paid. And it’s our duty to voice our opinions on local issues and local candidates.

Please set aside a few minutes out of your busy schedule and get out and vote.