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Missing Person: Find Lynn Messer
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Today’s blog is a public service announcement.
Here are the facts:  Early on the morning of July 8th, at 4 am, Mr. Kerry Messer awoke to find his wife gone.   At 8:00 am, the St. Genevieve County sheriff’s department was contacted by the Messer family to report Mrs. Messer, Lynn, as missing. No vehicles were missing from the home, Lynn had left behind her purse, cell phone, house keys,  and a medical boot that she had been wearing for her broken toe.  St. Genevieve County sheriff’s department, along with search teams and rescue dogs from Eureka, MO and 50 people and dogs from St. Louis Regional Response Team, which is part of Missouri State Highway Patrol’s Troop C, conducted a massive search of the Messer family’s farm, 270 acres and surrounding land in St. Genevieve County.
Lynn Messer is 52 years old.  Her height is 5’2″. weight is 160 lbs.  She has long, greying blonde hair.
Lynn Messer

Lynn Messer

According to law enforcement, there were no signs of a forced entry into the Messer’s home, no signs of an abduction.  Lynn Messer has no history of dementia and she was taking some pain medication.   She had been at church on July 6th and those who had contact with her on that day said she seemed fine, her normal self.  The same was said by those who worked with her on July 7th at her church’s first day of Vacation Bible School, at First Baptist Church of Festus-Crystal City, MO.  Later that day, she was busy making crafts for the next day of VBS and discussing the varied activities she was planning on accomplishing on July 8th.
Now it is August 5th and there has still been no sign of Lynn Messer.  The family has printed off hundreds of missing person flyers, they have launched a Find Lynn Messer Facebook page, and 3 time’s a day, volunteers have been going out searching the countryside near the Messer family’s farm, for Lynn.   I thought to myself, that I couldn’t even begin to imagine the grief and pain the Messer family is going through.  Since my little blog is posted for the online version of the  Rolla Daily News, which is owned by Gatehouse Media, Inc.,  my blog is also posted online  in other Missouri  newspapers that are also owned by  Gatehouse.   I decided to make this public announcement and plea, as a way to help in the search for Lynn,to help in getting the information about Lynn Messer to other parts of the state.
If you have the time and want to volunteer to help in a search, please go to the Find Lynn Messer Facebook page for more information; how to sign up for a search, the times, etc.   If that isn’t possible, the other way to help is to pray, pray, pray, and pray some more.  The Messer family has a strong faith in God and the prayers of others have helped them as they struggle on each day in the search for Lynn, a very much loved wife, mother of 2 grown sons, and a beloved grandmother.   Here is a link to the missing persons poster that the Messer family has been posting in their area of MO; St. Genevieve County is in eastern MO, and part of it borders the Mississippi River.
I want to acknowledge the following news articles  that I used in gathering the information for today’s  blog: Clementine Carbery, St. Genevieve Herald, July 9th, 2014 article, Don Hinkle, The Pathway, July 17, 2014 article.
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