On Tuesday, Jenna Booth won the Democrat nomination for the presiding commissioner of Newton County, garnering 905 votes to JC Herrell’s 644 votes.

“I am very pleased, I really am,” said Booth. “I am very excited, I would like to thank all the people who voted for me, because I appreciate their support so much. I want to thank JC, we had race that was not contentious between us, it was just the nomination to go against [Newton County Presiding Commissioner] Marilyn Ruestman [in November], and it was not me and him against  each other…. He didn’t say anything bad about me, I didn’t say anything bad about him and that is the way that I liked it. It is just about the job.”

This was Booth’s first time of running for a political office.

Asked what is her next step, she said to “seek a podiatrist.”

“I’m going to a podiatrist, because my feet are killing me,” she said. “I did a lot of door-to-door and that kind of stuff. I really don’t know exactly yet what my strategy is. I am going to take a week or so and think about what my strategy is. I really don’t know.”

However, soon, she will be looking toward the November election.

“I am running against an incumbent,” Booth said. “It is hard work, but you just have to hope that you can get your message out there, convince people that you are the best person for the job.”