One Neosho school classroom and around 25 students will be better prepared for the 2014-2015 school year through the first “Give Back to School Drive” hosted by Advance America in Neosho.

“We have adopted Chris (Mitchell),” said Linda Smith, manager of the 3101 Lusk Dr. business.  “She’s a kindergarten teacher at South elementary.”

Smith noted that teachers purchase so many things out of their own pockets to supply students in their classroom who don’t have what they need. “So what we are doing is donating this to help her throughout the year so she does not have to buy it out of her pocket.”

The “this” Smith referred to is a stack of school supplies that were donated locally by various customers and businesses during the “Give Back to School Drive” hosted during July and until Wednesday by all 2,500 Advance America locations across the nation.

“It’s beyond a blessing!” Mitchell said, upon receiving the largess. “I told her it was way beyond my expectations ever. They’ve even been thoughtful enough when the kids start school and they’re hot and they’re thirsty to provide me with drinks, school supplies, I reward the kids for doing their homework and reading books and things, and I’ve got toys donated, it was just way beyond my expectations. It’s wonderful!”

Smith expressed thankfulness to all the customers and business sponsors who provided items for the kids, including Fred Harris State Farm Insurance, Bobby Bryant American Family Insurance, McDonald’s, Burger King, Mazzio’s, Subway, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Sonic.