Things are slowing down at our house. With many projects now complete, we can take a few minutes to breathe. There is always something to attend to but they are getting fewer and fewer. The Newtonia Fall Festival comes to mind. That will be in September and a special event to celebrate the 150 anniversary of the Second Battle will be in October.

The PT Cruiser Club will have a car show at the hatchery Sept. 6 and Russell and I are managing that.

What a wonderful event at Tipton Ford earlier this week.

Everything went well. The weather, the accommodations, the guests, the luncheon and all the volunteers who offered to help. I want to thank all the people in the area who attended. We had the entire county commission, our state representative, Steve McIntosh was there representing Sen. Blunt, many from out of state and a lot of people who love history and appreciated the recognition that was given to this historic event.

A special thanks to Mike Winn at the Under Cliff for donating a permanent site for the marker. Mike has been a gentleman and a supporter from the word go. Thanks also to River’s Edge for providing perfect parking.

I shouldn’t be naming folks but I will just end with my thanks to everyone who did a lot or a little. You made a perfect day.

Now that much of the summer obligations are behind us, Russell and I are planning a little trip. We have been trying to decide but recently it was decided for us. We will be going to Cody, Wyo., for the annual art show and sale. We’ll be there rooting for Doug Hall.
On the way, we will stop by to see Russell’s brother and family in North Dakota, and will take in Williston, N.D., to see the big oil boom out there.

From Cody, we will get a chance to go back to Yellowstone National Park since Cody is only 50 miles away. We will take our national park passes and use them whenever we can.

If you don’t have such a card, you need to get one if you do much traveling. They are available at the fish hatchery. There are different kinds of cards, but we have the senior pass card and for the $10 we paid for it, the card gets us into national parks free for life. But there are various cards for different people. They are a great savings and they encourage people to see our beautiful country.

Speaking of seeing our country, my friend Bob has completed his bike ride across America. He got to put his bike’s wheels in the Pacific after first putting them in the Atlantic. He took a little over 11 weeks to ride through cities, towns, deserts, mountains,  thunderstorms, tornadoes, heat waves and many challenges and adventures.

After his trip, Bob wrote a long piece about his feeling for America and how great it is. The last sentence in his piece was: “Americans are generous to, curious about, and eager to please a stranger riding through their community on a bicycle.”

Kay Hively writes a weekly column for the Daily News.