For Rebecca Rickett-Bender, the option to practice healthcare in her hometown of Anderson presented the chance to give back to a community that has given so much to her.

Rickett-Bender, a nurse practitioner who recently joined the caregivers at Freeman Clinic of Anderson, said her decision to practice medicine in Anderson was very intentional.

“I feel strongly about this community,” Rickett-Bender said. “Having grown up in Anderson, I have firsthand experience of the way everyone cares for those around them. My family, friends, neighbors, teachers — they all cared for me in my childhood. Now I have the chance to care for them.”

A nurse since 1998, Rickett-Bender has worked in Freeman’s intensive care unit, medical-surgical unit, urgent care and emergency room. The experience she gained specifically in the emergency room was a tremendous learning opportunity, due largely to the range of illness and injuries she saw in that setting, from minor ear infections to myocardial infarctions.

“I am a better nurse today because of the years I spent there,” she said.

Her decision to become a nurse practitioner came from a desire to be more involved in her patients’ healthcare. Rickett-Bender is board-certified through the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. She earned a master’s degree in nursing from the University of Missouri – Kansas City.

Rickett-Bender is currently accepting new patients. She staffs Freeman Clinic of Anderson, located  510 Park Street, each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Those who wish to schedule an appointment with her may call 845-0545.