Do you have knowledge of the old pioneer sciences?

Those are things like lye soap making, candle making, wool spinning, etc. If so, consider sharing that knowledge at this year's History Alley on Oct. 4 at the Newton County Historical Park and Museum, 121 N. Washington St. in Neosho. You wouldn't be alone. Our park director, Deanna Booyer, has done a wonderful job getting together a talented bunch of local artisans to demonstrate their skills in a very hands on way at this year's event. In fact, Deanna may be just about out of room for everyone, so I hope I don't get into hot water for inviting you now. Hopefully, she can shoe-horn in a few more. By the way, does anyone even use a shoe-horn anymore? My step-grandfather had one but he's the only one I ever knew who did. Of course, he was also born in 1905, too.

But I digress.

History Alley is always a fun time. For the past several years we have held it in conjunction with the City of Neosho's Fall Festival, which is actually TWO days this year, Oct. 4-5. Some people say it's the best part of Fall Festival. I guess I'll leave that for you to decide but there is definitely something to be said for the clanging of the blacksmith's hammer, the smell of woodsmoke, the taste of fresh squeezed apples, the sight of a working spinning wheel. This year's History Alley will also include free “history tour” wagon rides and a free petting zoo, as well as all the live demonstrations and music that make History Alley something special each and every year. I hope you come and I hope you join in! If interested in being part of History Alley in a hands on way, please call Deanna Booyer any afternoon at the Newton County Museum at 451-4940. By the way, there will be an outdoor movie that same evening at the museum, but I think I'll announce the movie title at a later time.

Remember, save the date: Oct 4 at the Newton County Historical Park, one block north of the Neosho Square. And check out the rest of Fall Festival too, on the Square and surrounding blocks, at the Neosho Fire Department, and at Big Spring Park. It's two days of good old fashioned fun!

Wes Franklin writes a weekly column for the Daily News.