It's hard to believe but school is underway. The big yellow buses are running and so are many of the athletes as they gear up for fall sports.

Just looking at Neosho High School, the building doesn't look like it's ready with all the construction going on. I guess I'm stupid, but I can't believe we have to tear away the million-dollar front that was just added a few years ago for a tornado shelter. At any rate, I hope all this activity isn't too distracting for the students. It seems that today's schools have enough distractions horning in on education. But I wish the students, faculty, and staff the very best this year.

My friend Billie Stewart was asked to help with the new teacher tour this year. This is a great thing, although she said she feels there needs to be more time at certain places. Of course, different teachers have different interests so it's hard to completely please everyone.

I don't know if families are welcome on the bus. When Russell went on the tour the year we first came to Neosho, families were allowed to go. We were thinking back to the people who were on that trip. We could remember the Carl Tilley family, the Phil Young family, the Jerry Hudson family and Richard Bay on that bus. Anyone remember any of these folks?

Boy, have the years flown by!

The issue of how many people attended the ceremony at Tipton Ford a couple of weeks ago has come up. I didn't count the people at there or at Carver. I heard many figures, but do question an area newspaper which is quoted as a "couple of dozen." There were more than a "couple of dozen" cars in the campground lot, and few people came by themselves.

There were five people on the program and one family along brought about 20 members so you have your "couple of dozen" right there. Counting heads was one habit that my late friend, Harlan Stark, had. He always counted people at a meeting and he even counted steps on any building he went in. He could tell you how many steps there are at the state capitol building and at the Newton County Courthouse.

I think someone needs to learn to count better — like Harlan did.

Whether is was 10 or 100, the people who wanted to be there were in attendance and that's all that really matters. I did talk to Mike Winn, last week, and he told me there have been a lot of people visit the site since the dedication. I'm happy to hear that because that is what we wanted most of all.

I stirred up a lot of interest in Cody, Wyo., last week when I mentioned a trip there. One reader reminded me that the area around Cody and Yellowstone was God's painting to all of us. That region is certainly one of America's most awesome landscapes and I hope to be viewing it soon.

Sounds good. The Rockies in autumn.

Kay Hively writes a weekly column for the Daily News.