As the superintendent's secretary at East Newton schools, Tammy Yost wears many hats.

She serves as the secretary to the board of education, does accounts payable, is co-coordinator of the school's Bright Future program and, of course, does anything the superintendent needs or anything that comes up that doesn't go to someone else.

"School," Tammy said, "is my life. And I love it."

Actually she does have another life. As a wife, mother and grandmother she has other loves.

"I'm wrapped up in my granddaughter, and I'm going to have another one soon," she said.

In her job, Tammy gets greats satisfaction in making people happy.

"That's the best part of my job," she said. "And the worst part is all the paper work and legal issues that are involved with education."

Now that the school year has begun, Tammy says the work in the central office slows down some. All summer long the people who have full-time positions have been taking care of school issue such as ordering books and supplies and doing maintenance. By the time the students arrive, this work is generally done. And it becomes a more people oriented job.

A graduate of East Newton (class of 1980) herself, Tammy has a special affection for her school and it shows in her conversation about the school. She says she is very proud to be a patriot.

Another unique thing about Tammy is her collection of cookie jars.

"I have more than 100 now," she says.

Her latest is the Disney castle and her favorite is "Winny the Pig." She favors "Winny" because it was her first cookie jar and was given to her by her mother.

Tammy has promised the collection to her granddaughter. When the three-year-old comes to visit, they talk about the cookie jars and where each came from. The granddaughter points to the jars and calls them hers and is learning the history of them from her grandmother.

"When the new granddaughter comes along," Tammy says, "I'm afraid they will have to share the collection."

Sharing — her love for her school and family and her cookie jars — is one reason that Tammy Yost is this week's good neighbor.