Well, it is that time of the year, as area high school football teams get ready to play some football.

Growing up, I didn’t play football, but watched a lot of it on the TV with my dad. I remember watching the St. Louis Cardinals — yes, I said the Cardinals because back then, they were listed as the Cardinals. That was prior to their move to Arizona and eventually, the St. Louis Rams coming in.

I learned a lot from watching the games, I learned some of the plays, the stats, and who knew that years later, it would help me.

For the last 12 years at the Neosho Daily News, reporters are always asked to help out and cover football games on Fridays if we can. That includes either writing the preview story or writing the game story and especially taking photographs of the plays. This year is no different. On Friday, I will be traveling to East Newton and Diamond high schools to take photographs of the games. So with the camera ready, here we go.

There is nothing like walking on the sidelines and watching the game from there, while covering it. It is a neat experience, one that I will cherish forever.

On the other side of sports, last Sunday I had the pleasure of covering Neosho Community Night at the Springfield Cardinals. Even though it was hot out there, it was great to see around 250 people from the Neosho area come out, support the Cardinals and have a hot dog or popcorn. The Neosho First Baptist Church choir did an excellent job singing the National Anthem, we even saw some people throw out the first pitch and saw a great game, as the Cardinals won 5-1 against the Midland (Texas) Rockhounds.

When I came back and downloaded my photos from the game, I was amazed that I caught Springfield Cardinals center fielder Charlie Tilson breaking his bat while at home plate during the game. I have never, ever caught that in a photograph. I think that I might have to print that one off and keep that in my collection.

In conclusion, if you have an opportunity on Friday nights, head to one our high schools to watch the football players. They put their heart and soul into the games.

Todd G. Higdon is a staff writer and writes a weekly column for the Neosho Daily News. He can be reached at thigdon@neoshodailynews.com. Follow him on twitter at  @toddghigdonNDN