Finding more and better ways to communicate with patrons is a priority of the Neosho R-5 School Board. The board of education reflected upon the second defeat of a bond issue to construct a junior high school during this week’s monthly meeting.

Brett Day, board president, said a long-term facilities plan is still in place, and he expects the board to begin again address overcrowding in the district in the next month.

Day said the board needs to get out into the community to ask patrons what they want.

“That would entail having various meetings around,” he said. “We need to contact various opinion leaders around the community and get their input as well and maybe have them be a part of a group that takes a look at this issue separate from the board of education. Maybe that will help get the information out better to the community.”

Day noted that any option is now on the table, and expects that to be a discussion item at the board’s Sept. 2 work session.

Day hopes to hold meetings with citizens that center on why the bond issue did not pass, and see if that can provide some direction.

He added, “We always need to be in touch with our patrons about not just when we are asking for money, but, ‘How do you think the school is going?’ So having community meetings and soliciting input isn’t going to be one of these deals that we just do every time we want a school bond passed, it’s something we need to do on a regular basis, to have that kind of relationship with our patrons.”