Coming off of a 34-7 win against the McAuley Warriors, the Diamond Wildcats are ready to face the Jasper Eagles today.

Kickoff is at 7 p.m. in Jasper.

“We have got to try to cut down their run game, they like to rush the football a lot,” Diamond Head Coach Jimmy Dushane said. “They like to just pound it at you, because they have that big line.”

Dushane said that the Wildcats have been practicing this week for the upcoming game.

“Our kids are really trying to work hard,” said Dushane. “As hot as it is, it is not one of those things that they really want to go out and do, but they have been troupers. They have gone out and worked hard.”

During last week’s football game, the Wildcats garnered their first 18 points in the first three quarters. In the fourth quarter, Carter Prewitt was on the receiving end of a 39-yard Evan Moreland missile, bringing the Wildcats to 24-0. Taking the snap, Moreland fired off a pass to Kyle Williams for the two-point conversion, bringing the tally to 26-0.

“I think because of the heat, before we really started trying to get people in and out, I think that threw was probably 22 or 23 different kids that played defense and probably 18-20 kids that played on the offense before we started really making our substitutions,” he said. “Once to where we got to what the score was, we had all of our second team in and wanted to make sure that every kid that was eligible to play got to play.”

Looking at the Jasper Eagles, Dushane said that last week the Eagles ran more than 40 plays.

“I think that their starting quarterback was, like, four or five and their backup was one and one,” he said. “They don’t throw the ball often, but when they throw it, they are pretty efficient at it. [Our] offense is going to have to understand it is either going to be run or a pass and they are going to have to make that decision really quick.”

Diamond is 1-0.