I hope your Thanksgiving Holiday was indeed filled with many reason to be thankful! Ours was!!!

I hope your Thanksgiving Holiday was indeed filled with many reason to be thankful! Ours was!!!
The return of Tim and his family from Paraguay to Colorado occasioned a gathering of our family which we haven’t experienced for nearly a decade! Our week included lots of visiting, the Lights at Silver Dollar City, tons of food and a lot of football games! One particular afternoon several of us were enjoying lunch at The Family Room Steakhouse in Monett.
At my end of the table for 10 was three of the younger grandkids. Our server took the drink order and returned in a timely manner with our requests. Nolan, who was seated next to me, had ordered tea because he likes to add packets of sugar to his own liking.
The cups came with lids and it wasn’t observable to see what each child’s cup held. And, by the way, praise the Lord for lids as two drinks got tipped over and not a drop spilled!! Part way through the meal, Nolan discovered that he had been given the wrong drink. She apologized and brought him the requested tea.
When he switched his straw from the original cup to the second one, he stated, “Problem solved.”!  I didn’t even know there was a problem!!!!!!
As we left, I pondered his statement and how many folks would love to hear those words. When the money isn’t adequate to pay the monthly bills – “Problem Solved!”
When the results from the doctor’s tests confirm cancer – “Problem Solved!” Each of you could likely fill in the blanks with your own ‘impossible’ situation. The Bible declares that, “nothing is impossible with God.” And, in the Greek word for ‘nothing’, means NOTHING!!
It’ll soon be Christmas and symbols of the season are everywhere. Among those familiar decorations are endless variations of the Nativity story! A manger, a baby, Mary & Joseph, some cattle, shepherds and a star! If you take a moment to lean your ear close and bow your heart, you just might hear God say – “Problem Solved!”
Mankind’s greatest need met with God’s greatest answer!!!

Doug Gripka is the pastor of Newtonia Baptist Church. He writes a column for the Neosho Daily News.