Area artist Sarah Serio has been selected to have work appear in an international juried printmaking exhibition this September.

Area artist Sarah Serio has been selected to have work appear in an international juried printmaking exhibition this September.
“Stand Out Prints” is being presented by Highpoint Center for Printmaking in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Serio’s piece titled “She Owns Him For An Hour” was selected by juror Elizabeth Wyckoff to be displayed.
“The field of entries was impressive and varied, and in the end it was my hope that the show would convey a sense of how this group of artists is tackling a range of issues both familiar and unfamiliar, where the primary aim could be pictorial, personal, conceptual, or political, alone or in combination,” said Wyckoff.
Serio is a native of Neosho who isa Cum Laude graduate of Crowder College in Neosho where she received associate of arts degrees in both journalism and public relations. She completed bachelors degrees in graphic communication and studio art while earning a minor in technical theatre at Missouri Southern State University.
The juror chose 73 original works of printmaking for the exhibition out of over 800 submissions. The show will display works by 66 individual artists from four different nations and 27 states.
“Having my work selected for this show is a great honor. With the vast number of entries the judge had to comb through it’s wonderful that she felt mine was worthy of selection,” Serio said.
Wyckoff is the Curator of Prints, Drawings and Photographs at the Saint Louis Art Museum. She worked previously at the Davis Museum and Cultural Center, Wellesley College, the New York Public Library, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She received her PhD from Columbia University with a specialization in early 17th-century Dutch prints.
Serio’s piece is a 5 color reduction block print.
“That means the design was carved by hand into a block before ink was applied to the surface followed by paper before being passed through a manually operated printing press,” Serio said. “It also means that each layer or color went through that same process.”
Wyckoff said the art in the exhibition should move the person looking at it.
“As I studied the strong field of entries, I was excited to see so many artists approaching new and old media in intriguing ways,” Wyckoff said. “All of these works demonstrate how art, whether it shocks or pleases, always moves the viewer.”
The artist said she hopes her work focuses attention on an oft ignored social issue.
“I hope that my work helps start a conversation or brings awareness to an issue that many ignore. The male victim is often overlooked in situations like this. It’s not the image that the media presents and it’s not the mental image that comes to everyone’s mind,” Serio said. “As an artist, I feel I must help bring awareness to this social injustice.”
Serio starts from scratch on each of her works.
“I find volunteers to model for me so that I can take photographs that I then use as reference images when drawing out my designs,” she said. “I don’t copy work from anyone else.”
Once her design is drawn out carving begins using small v-shaped gauges and chisels, some of which measure only one millimeter wide. This means that carving can take days even on a smaller image.
“Next I mix my inks,” Serio said. “For this print I started with black and white and created different shades of grey myself so that I have a uniform gradient for all my prints.”
Mixing the stiff inks can take hours to get just the right shade fully blended and ready for use.
Finally the ink is rolled across the blocks surface and then 100 percent cotton paper is placed on the block.
“I then pass then block and paper through the press, which is manually operated, and then I pull back the image,” she said.
“Stand Out Prints” will run Sept. 16 – Oct. 15. For more information on Serio visit and following SarahSerioArt on Facebook and Instagram.
Serio serves on the Neosho Arts Council Board of Directors, is a member of the Spiva Center for the Arts, Mid America Print Council, artCentral and served as President of Joplin Regional Artist Coalition and is a current member.  She also holds lifetime membership to Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Alpha Psi Omega National Honorary Theatre Society and Alpha Chi National College Honor Society.