A longtime Neosho company received a special award for their recent expansion.

A longtime Neosho company received a special award for their recent expansion.
K & S Wire Products, 300 Nelson Ave., Neosho, received the GROW NEOSHO award for their recent 60,000 square foot expansion on Tuesday.
"This is our ninth expansion in 20 years," said Gene Schwartz, president of K & S. "Bill King and I, Bill is dead now, I bought out Bill two years after we started it. This new addition is 60,000 square feet, primarily warehouse. ... our building was built by Branco. They did a great job for us. Our total cost in this project is about $1.6 million for this 60,000 square foot; we put the state of the art lighting in it, if you are not in it, the lights go out. we are going to do that in the older part here as well."
Mike Franks, GROW NEOSHO CEO, praised K & S Wire Products as being one of the premier examples of homegrown Neosho success.
“Since its founding in 1995, K & S Wire Products has grown tremendously in both size and capability," said Franks. "Seven expansions have seen the facility grow to over 125,000 square feet, along with adding advanced powder coating capability and world class computer controlled welding machines. Gene Schwartz has created a highly successful, family driven business. The secret sauce is that the K & S family includes not only Gene and his sons Grant and Gene, Jr., but also the K & S employees. K & S is an employee owned ESOP Corporation where risk and reward are shared by all.”
When the company began, they had three employees.
"Today, we are setting from 95 to 110," said Schwartz. "We also have started using (Crowder Industries). Along with that, we bring in temps (temporary help) today we have five or six, some days 12-15. Products we make are store fixtures. Any store that you go in Dollar General, a lot of small retailers, we make their display units, we make fan guards for the heating and air condition industry. We do pet cages for dog cage, wire forms."
After the presentation, those in attendance had the opportunity to tour the warehouse and see some of the products K & S Wire Products makes.
"We thank the Schwartz family and all of the employee owners of K & S Wire Products for helping to GROW NEOSHO," said Franks. ".... any company that is all in at this point is a company that benefits that town that they are located in. And K & S Wire is a big part of the Neosho community and a big part of the business community of this area. And we see it everyday in their participation."