Several visitors attended the Neosho City Council meeting on Tuesday to address the council.

Several visitors attended the Neosho City Council meeting on Tuesday to address the council.
Samuel Cordova, an unpaid minister at the Church of the Nazarene in Neosho, requested that the council grant permission to hold an outdoor service at the church on Saturday.
"We would like to have an event outside this Saturday beginning at 6 p.m.," Cordova told the council. "It is because of the noise ordinance we are here.  We have about six songs we want to sing and since this is the first time we have had it outside.  Everyone is invited to attend.  We love our community and would like to hold this event."
Mayor Ben Baker responded to the request. "We will get with the city manager and we will do the best we can (to accommodate the event)."
Jonathon Lopez of Neosho also addressed the council.  Lopez said he represented the Hispanic community and that because of an incident, former Mayor Charles Collinsworth suggested he should come to the council meeting.
"Cops have been harassing the Hispanic community," Lopez said. "My aunt made a report about her dog and she was arrested because she didn't have her legal papers.  We are hard workers. We came here to work.  I speak for the Hispanic community. Hispanics come here to work. They're here for a better life. They are afraid they will be arrested if they make a report."
Sarah Lopez, Neosho, also spoke to the council and stated she was a sister to the woman alleged to have been arrested.
"We come to this country to raise our kids.  They need to treat us like humans, not criminals. I went to the jail and they would not let me see my sister or show me a report. The police came and broke down the door.  I understand they can do that if it is criminal. I told officers I wanted to see the paper that says they can come into the house."
Baker told them that the council would look into the matter.
Neosho Police Chief David Kennedy made a statement at the council meeting.
"We are bound by laws, just like everyone else," he said. "Officers in this case had a felony deportation warrant. and we did break down the door. The lady who appeared here is not named in any of the documents. Because of the Sunshine Law, we could not release any information to her."