Since 1903, almost every facet of life has changed.

Since 1903, almost every facet of life has changed.  
Americans send e-mails instead of letters and drive cars instead of horse-drawn wagons.But one item found in every home, office, and business has changed very little - the electrical outlet. The electrical outlet was patented by Harvey Hubbell in 1903 and for the most part, remains the same. Neosho native, Sam Parks, now residing in Philadelphia, plans to change that through the Hubl outlet. This month, Parks launched his new company, Hubl Technologies, with co-founder Martin Koch.
The company's mission statement says that, "Hubl is building the future of energy management by improving our understanding of electricity."  
The Hubl outlet is their invention.
"Nothing has changed since 1903," Parks said. “A few people added USB and fuses but that's it."
Hubl outlets, however, are an innovation.
"We took the best of everything our online world has to offer and added internet connectivity and packed it into an outlet for a price cheaper than a normal outlet,” he said. “It does everything (a standard outlet does) but it has a brain."
On the company's website, information about the Hubl outlet states, "It has never been smart. It has never been connected. Until now. The Hubl outlet changes the way that we interact with electricity."
The inspiration behind the Hubl outlet grew out of an everyday activity.
"I was changing the temperature on my thermostat and it hit me,” said Parks. “I wondered what the cost differential would be on the electric bill at the end of the month if I changed the temperature from 72 to 73. I was in my dorm room and thought I might build something after I learned that there was nothing similar. After I built a prototype I got some offers from some major companies and that it obvious I needed to do something (with the product)." So Parks and Koch founded Hubl Technologies.
The outlets are simple to use.
"You don't have to be good at using technology," Parks said. "It's an app that can be downloaded to your phone. You don't even have to know how to use the app.  It makes all the changes to the way you use electricity for you.  The app will notify you it's learned something about how you use electricity, ask permission to make some changes, and tell how much you will save if you accept the changes.  All the individual has to do is click one button to say 'okay'."
Right now, the Hubl outlets aren't offered to the public. "We hope to be able to offer commercial access to individuals by the end of 2018," Parks said.
Until then, the focus is in other areas. "We are moving across the US with large scale projects.," Parks said. "We have some industrial launches for college campuses and businesses.  Some of the large power distribution companies to Philadelphia and parts of the East Coast are planning to change how they deliver electricity to cities and that factors in."
Parks is from Neosho and graduated from Neosho High School in 2011. He attended college at Eureka College in Eureka, Illinois as an electrical engineering, math, and computer science major. Parks transferred to the University of Pennsylvania to major in physics and math.
Parks earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from the University of Pennsylvania.  He had begun a PHD program in Applied Physics in Penn’s Quantum Engineering Lab while also working at the Singh Center for Nanotechnology as a staff scientist, before deciding to launch the new company.
"That's what I was doing when I decided to defer my PhD studies until further notice because of the growth of Hubl," Parks said.
More information about Hubl Technologies can be found at the company website or on Facebook, with a Hubl page.
Parks is the son of Chris and Lisa Parks, Neosho.