Charlie Davis made a contract with Missouri in 2009 when first elected to the Missouri House of Representatives.

Charlie Davis made a contract with Missouri in 2009 when first elected to the Missouri House of Representatives.
The scroll he made then lists the things he supports and things he planned to do. Seven years later, Davis says he's kept each one of the promises he made. And, he will continue to do so if elected to the Missouri Senate next year.  Each of his promises remains relevant and he believes they will continue to be so.
Davis is currently in his seventh year of serving as a state representative  for the 162nd district and faces an eight year term limit.
He announced his candidacy as a Republican for the Missouri State Senate 32nd District  earlier this month. Davis hopes to fill the seat currently held by Senator Ron Richard who will reach term limits in 2018.
"I always had it in mind to run for the Senate," Davis said in a recent interview with the Neosho Daily News.
Davis has lived in the area for 35 years.
"Southwest Missouri is a better, safer, and affordable place to raise our family," Davis said. "I've stayed safe (here) for 35 years."
As a state representative in the Missouri House, Davis has worked hard for veterans and for job growth.
"I've had the distinct pleasure of fighting for the rights of our men and women who have served," Davis said. "Of all those things, that is my proudest accomplishment."
Davis ranked jobs and job growth as another of his top priorities while serving in the House.
His top three priorities if elected as a Missouri state Senator will be be to protect our veterans and law enforcement officers and to work for more job growth.
When asked what voters and potential constituents need to know, Davis responded, "Let me tell you who Charlie is - I am a constitutional conservative Christian. I am pro-life, pro-constitution, pro-first and second Amendments. Look at the legislation and voting history."
Davis offered advice to any candidate for any office. "Run on your record," he said.
For voters, Davis said. "Look at the legislation I've sponsored or helped to pass. It shows what my character is.  Don't listen to what I say - look at what I've done. Run on your record, period."
He referenced his contract with Missouri as having examples of what he has done, what he stands for and what he will continue to work for in the Missouri Senate.
Davis listed his three greatest strengths as honesty, to work until finished, and the ability to build coalitions.  "You have to have the strength to get things done, to stay with it, work until finished, and have the ability to build coalitions.  If you don't build coalitions, you can't get it done."
He vows to fight to regain trust between citizens and elected officials if elected to a Senate seat.
Davis also referenced a favorite quote, one featured on his campaign website. "Man is known for five things, character, which is who he is, conduct, what he does, conversation, what he says, creed, what he believes, and contribution, what he gives," Davis recited. He also cited Matthew 7:21.
Davis and his wife, Laura, have made their home in Webb City for the past nineteen years. They have three children.
 Davis is a self-proclaimed "Navy Brat". His father was a soldier and sailor while his mother came to the U.S. as a German immigrant who learned English, became a citizen, worked and raised a family.
Davis served in the U.S. Navy for six years and after his service, relocated to Southwest Missouri where his parents had made their home.
Davis now owns and operates The Software Center in Joplin.  
Another area state representative, Bill White from the 161st district, has also declared his candidacy for the Missouri Senate in 2018. Davis will face White in the August 2018 primary election along with any other Republicans who decide to run for the same Senate seat.
"If the people want it, do what's best for the people of the state," Davis said.  "Don't base your opinion (of candidates) on what someone says. Look at my record in the House  to see what my character is."