A crowd of all ages turned out for the grand reopening of Scenic Park on Friday.

A crowd of all ages turned out for the grand reopening of Scenic Park on Friday.  
Neosho Mayor Ben Baker presided over the official ribbon cutting.  He welcomed local residents to the event and said,
"We're thankful to everyone for coming out today and this is an exciting  event for us here in Neosho, especially in an area that's needed updating for a long time. We're thankful we were able to get a grant to upgrade our playground and get this equipment together.  So, it's a wonderful thing to see our community rebuilding especially after the flood and tornado, after the things that have come our way.
We're excited about this."
Baker cut the ribbon with Neosho Parks and Recreation Director Sally Pennington at his side, surrounded by other city officials, employees, and citizens.  "This is an awesome day for the community to see all the hard work that's been done.  We're really excited for this part of the community," Pennington said. She estimated that the park has been around for about sixty years.  Many  of those attending remember the park as a feature since their childhood but no one named an exact year.
Two new playground structures were added to the park and kids took full advantage to have some summer fun. Older equipment was also refurbished as part of the update.
Other additions are also in the works.  Horseshoe pits are in the process of being built.  City employees took suggestions for eight murals planned for the walls of two structures already in the park.  The plan is for Crowder College art students to create the murals, based on suggestions from the public.
Free hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, drinks, and ice cream were provided as part of the celebration.
Face painting was available for kids as well.
Residents had the opportunity to dunk both Mayor Baker and City Councilman Tom Workman during the event.  All ages took aim and many were successful in dunking the city officials.  A few citizens including one of the Mayor's daughters used the lever to dunk them anyway.  A self-professed lifelong Chicago Cubs fan made an effort to dunk the mayor and although his pitch failed to do so, his wind-up was very professional.
Some local residents took advantage of the event to picnic in the shade and others cheered whenever one of the city officials was dunked.
Scenic Park is located at 1500 North Main Avenue, a few blocks from the intersection of Main Avenue and Baxter Street Road in North Neosho.  The City of Neosho's official website calls the park "a peaceful green space in this historic old town area."