Neosho Police Chief David Kennedy presented three requests to members of the Neosho City Council during the regular meeting on Tuesday.

Neosho Police Chief David Kennedy presented three requests to members of the Neosho City Council during the regular meeting on Tuesday.
Kennedy brought a request to renew the current contract between the Neosho Police Department and Crowder College to provide two officers to serve at the Neosho campus. As written, the contract allows for two officers to be assigned to Crowder College and provide law enforcement coverage for 12 hours a day, seven days a week. The program is funded by Crowder College.  
"We are just redoing our contract with the two officers at Crowder College," Kennedy said. "It is pretty much the same and has been approved by the city attorney."
 Mayor pro-temp Richard Davidson asked for clarification before a vote was taken. "Crowder is paying us for this service but if there were a bank robbery or other emergency, these officers would not be in the rotation, they would not be available?"
Kennedy stated that is correct and the renewal was approved.
Kennedy also asked for a renewal of the contract with the Neosho School District to provide school resource officers for the upcoming school year. "This is a renewal for the 2017-18 contract," Kennedy told the council. "One officer is 100% funded (by the district) and the other is 75% funded."  One school resource officer (SRO) is paid for a twelve-month year beginning in July and the second SRO is paid on a nine-month basis from September through May. The purpose of the contract between the Neosho Police Department and the Neosho School District is to provide officers for duty within the school system in order to provide safety, education and security for students.  
The renewal was approved by council.
A request to replace the 2007 Chevrolet Impala with 195,000 miles used by SRO 2 has been sent to Neosho School Superintendent Dan Decker with a bid for a used Missouri State Highway Patrol vehicle for the school resource officer to use on duty.
In another item on the agenda, Kennedy asked the city council to approve a transport vehicle agreement with the Newton County Sheriff's Department. At present, Neosho Police Department officers to transport prisoners to municipal court. "We use the Newton County Sheriff's Department van for the transport of prisoners," Kennedy said. "Like today, we had eight prisoners. If we bring them to court by car, it's two at a time and it takes longer."
The transport van is normally utilized on Tuesday and Thursdays by the NPD. to bring prisoners from the Newton County jail to city court. Lt. Mike Barnett of the sheriff's department had contacted Kennedy and the city after he learned that the insurance coverage in place would not cover Neosho city personnel in the event of physical damages or liability issue.  Kennedy consulted MIRMA, the incorporated association working with Missouri municipalities to gain insurance coverage, and MIRMA responded with a simple agreement.
The measure provides for the City of Neosho to provide physical liability and damage coverage for the Newton County transport van when in use by members of the Neosho Police Department.  The transport vehicle agreement was approved by council members.