As a candidate for the Missouri state senate seat from the 32nd district, Bill White of Joplin lists integrity, service, and action as his greatest strengths.

As a candidate for the Missouri state senate seat from the 32nd district, Bill White of Joplin lists integrity, service, and action as his greatest strengths.
Although White announced his campaign lin May, his choice was made earlier.
"I made my decision to run in February," White said in a recent interview with The Neosho Daily News.  
White currently serves in the Missouri House of Representatives for the 161st district but reaches term limits next year.
"I am a big supporter of term limits," he said. "Eight years in a position is long enough."
Running for Senate wasn't a choice he made without serious thought.
"It was mainly what we did this  year," White said. "There were things we did in the House and in the Senate that I didn't feel were as Republican as they should be.  I didn't like some of what we did with the budget, especially with seniors. My thought was 'shut up or do something' so he became a senate candidate.
White expanded on his strengths: integrity, service, and action. "Integrity is very important to me. It's a personal thing. I do the right thing. As legislators, we're not special people. We're just everyday people. We put our shoes on the same way everyone else does."
White prides himself on the fact he takes zero lobbyist gifts. "Myself and Bill Reiboldt (Missouri state representative) are the only ones who can say that."
He also spoke about action. "I do things. I don't go with the flow.  I just don't vote yes or no. You have to pay a lot of attention and I am known for that. I am not a quiet person.  For or against, I talk about it. I vote with leadership about 97% of the time.  I am a lifelong Republican but I speak with an independent voice."
White shared his thoughts on service. "Service is important to me. I take service very seriously. I get a lot of personal reward from that."
If elected to a Senate seat, White vows to continue to do what he's done in the Missouri House of Representatives. "I let my constituents know my stance and I'm very vocal. The right to work bill that the Senate passed, that was my bill. I had it for seven years. I did not like what our current governor has done with the RX program, with senior aid, with the foster program and education cuts.  I support education and parent choice. This is not the year to cut education."
As an attorney and as the former Jasper County Juvenile attorney, White says he is a strong advocate for juvenile issues.  He is also a supporter of tort reform.
White is also active in the Rotary Club, the Joplin Chamber of Commerce, the Missouri Bar, National Rifle Association, the Marine Corps Association and the Naval Institute. White is a Marine veteran who enlisted after high school graduation. "I am very proud of being a Marine," White stated. "I was a different person coming out of boot camp. The Marines built confidence that has lasted throughout my lifetime."
White is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment and pro-life although he has a stance on the issue of abortion. "I'm not going to support a bill that outlaws abortion," he said. "Missouri has some of the tightest abortion laws in the nation and I'm proud of that."
White is running as a Republican. "I am a Republican but I do have an independent voice in representing my constituents and not special interests," White said. "I represent what I think is best for the people in the district. We need to do things that are beneficial for the state. We do what we can do."
White is open to his constituents. "I am very accessible," White said. "My business card has my personal cell phone number on it."
"My reward is doing something that is meaningful. That's what I like to do," White said in closing. "If I'm going to do it, the job I'm supposed to do, I will do it right."
White will face fellow Republican Charlie Davis in an August 2018 primary. Both men are  running for the Missouri Senate seat from the 32nd district in Southwest Missouri.
White is a resident of Joplin, along with his wife, Dr. Ellen Nichols.a Joplin neurosurgeon. The couple have four children.