The Neosho City Council considered an addition to Morse Park among items of new business considered on Tuesday.

The Neosho City Council considered an addition to Morse Park among items of new business considered on Tuesday.
The land under consideration is owned by Neosho resident, Dick Keezer, and is located on Morrow Avenue, adjacent to Wood Street Road and Morse Park.  Keezer had previously contacted the city about selling the land for a park addition.
Keezer's longtime home suffered extensive damage during the April flooding and he chose to sell the land, rather than attempt to rebuild. The property has been appraised at $14,900, but Keezer stated the land to be worth $50,000 at the time he approached the city.
"We're asking council to provide feedback and offering the chance for Mr. Keezer to share his thoughts," said Steve Hays, Neosho city attorney. "There will be no action taken tonight, just discussion."
"My personal thought is that there is a definite gap between appraisal and what he (Keezer) feels the land is worth. That's my biggest concern," Neosho Mayor Ben Baker commented.
Councilman William Doubek contributed to the discussion. "I remember about 19 years ago, people were saying they would like to have it (Keezer's property) added to the park. It is a beautiful little peninsula. It is a wonderful piece of property. I see the value in acquiring and adding it to the park."
"I'd like to hear from Dick," Councilman Tom Workman said.
Dick Keezer appeared before the council. "I would like to thank Dana Daniels for setting this up," he said. "Any compensation would not  make up for what I lost. I know Harlan and I fought many floods while living there but none like the last. We tried to keep it as a beautiful park setting and I think we accomplished that. I am now living on Kodiak Road. I like it there. My animals like it there. The Lord has blessed me. Whatever happens here, happens. I leave it in your hands."
"I think the property would add a lot of value to the park that people would enjoy," Baker said after Keezer spoke. "We will continue to discuss and bring it back in an open meeting. We will be in contact with you."
In visitor business, the city council heard from local resident Dave Horvath.  "I wanted to make you guys aware of a road at Crowder. I think there is a water leak. We had a dry winter but cattails flourished in the ditches so I believe there is a water leak. If something could be turned off, it might save some. That's all."
Neosho Fire Chief Mike Eads brought a request to replace worn out and out of service fire hoses to the council. Six bids requests were sent out and five were returned. Eads recommended council accept the bid from NAFECO from Decatur, Arkansas in the amount of $10,107.50, an amount that came in under budget.
The council approved Eads' request.
Sally Pennington, Parks and Recreation asked the council to approve the purchase of two new zero turn 60-inch mowers. The mowers match those in service. Four bid requests were sent out, two of them local. Pennington recommended the bid from Swartz Tractor Sales and Service in Neosho in the amount of $17, 388.00. Their bid included almost a thousand dollars in free parts and accessories. The bid was approved by council members.
A letter from Terry Telford was received, praising the Neosho Golf Course and Golf Course Superintendent Bill Mulkey for service during the recent Neosho Women's Golf Association annual Guest Day. Mayor Baker read the letter and said, "These are all good words. Good job, Bill."
Council members voted to make a donation in the amount of $2,000 to the annual Crowder College Roughrider Scholarship Rodeo to be held this weekend. "In the past we have elected to participate," Paul Richardson, Public Relations and Event Coordinator said. "Last year, our donation was $2,00."
All proceeds from the event go toward scholarships for agriculture students at the college.
The city council also voted to extend the current contract with Midwest Fibre for the purchase and removal of commodities from the Neosho Recycling Center. This includes paper, phone books, cardboard, plastic bags and some plastics.
The council also discussed designating a city representative for the Big Spring Plaza CID Board. Councilman Richard Davidson has sent a letter of interest in the position, as a private citizen and not as a member of the city council. The board opening has been in existence for a period of time. Davidson asked to abstain on the vote but the remainder of the council approved Davidson to serve on the board.
The Neosho City Council will meet in regular session on September 5 at 7 p.m. in council chambers at City Hall, southeast corner of the Neosho Square.