A local radio station is increasing their size to their building.

A local radio station is increasing their size to their building.
KNEO 91.7 FM Radio started the project in September 2016.
"It's about a 2,000 square foot addition, with two stories," said Adam Winkler, director of operations at the station. "The project is for new office building and also additional storage space. We have been running out of both here at the radio station here over the past couple of years, just with the big growth of the ministry."
On the recommendations of the KNEO board and also general manager Mark Taylor, the project began.
"We have had great participation from local churches here who really set the foundation for us, getting everything started," he said. "Then we have had local concrete company help out and get the concrete laid. Now we have TP Construction doing a great job building the structure for us. It has been a great community effort and and the office  building is probably about 40 percent complete. It has been going well."
Phase three of the project will be a backup generator and according to Winkler, "to keep everything up and going when power goes down."
He is hoping the project will be completed - depending on weather - sometime this fall.
Winkler is pleased with the project.
"It is going to allow the ministry to grow, and as we move forward into the future, it is going to allow us to do different things, be able to function as an easier level than what we have been," he said. "It is going to make us more efficient with things that we do. It has been a much needed space, our listeners have been great donating to help with the project. We are doing it debt free, our listeners have been fantastic, churches doing donations for us."