The Neosho City Council had a short agenda during Tuesday night's meeting at the council chambers.

The Neosho City Council had a short agenda during Tuesday night's meeting at the council chambers.
The council heard from Paul Richardson, city of Neosho public relations/events coordinator, about a contract with IYF Digital.
"The purpose of this agenda item is to seek your approval and authorization for the mayor to execute the contract of billboard advertising," he said. "last year, we used the digital billboards - primarily the one by Kum & Go by 60/49 interchange. had great response back on it. a lot of people commented on about seeing it. with the digital advertising, and those billboards are able to change it at a moment's notice from one event to another. primarily we focused on events last year. After analyzing looking at what was done out there last year, this year, we are making a couple of changes, one is that we are just going to run full cycle on the east bound side which is when you are coming into town. They (IYF) also purchased the one down here on Harmony and North Neosho Boulevard and we are going to run full cycle there. (IYF) has shot us a relay good price on doing both of those. We are not going to put anything on the west bound on the outgoing side. Primarily we ran Bluegrass Showcase, Celebrate Neosho, Bluegrass Festival and Fall Festival. But we can run anything else that we wanted."
Richardson said using these digital billboards that it cut their annual bill from around $15,000 to $5, 000 last year.
"And we are looking at about $6,000 this year," he said. "Due to the lack of any other providers in this area, with that particular item, this is a proposal. Staff recommends council approve the bid proposal for contract IYF Digital in the amount of $5,950 for the period of Jan. 1-Sept. 30. I would like to note that (they) went ahead and kept our 'Welcome to Neosho' running in that same time slot for November and December of this year for no payment."
Mayor Ben Baker said he has received a lot of positive remarks about the billboards.
"I think that it offers a great graphic there. i have noticed it many, many times coming into town," said Baker. "I had a lot of good feedback from people coming east into town. now we are going to have it down by Arvest Bank. That is going to be a value to the city. very bright, very visible. people notice that."
The council approved the bid proposal.
After the 20-minute meeting, council went into closed session.