The Neosho City Council met in regular session on Tuesday in council chambers at City Hall with a full agenda.

The Neosho City Council met in regular session on Tuesday in council chambers at City Hall with a full agenda.
Mayor Ben Baker, Councilman Richard Davidson, Councilman Tom Workman, Interim City Manager Dana Daniels, City Attorney Steve Hays, and City Clerk, Rachel Holcomb were present. Council members William Doubek and Jon Stephens were absent.
Pastor Mitch Jarvis of the United Methodist Church offered a prayer to begin the meeting, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
The council approved the agenda, consent agenda, and the minutes from both the open and closed Nov. 21, 2017 meeting.
In unfinished business, the city council approved Bill 2017-863 for the annexation of property located at 18178 Highway 59 as C-3 Commercial, an action requested by property owners Victor and Irma Aguilera. They requested the property be annexed into the city of Neosho in order to connect with city services. The request came before the Planning and Zoning Committee on Oct. 24. No one from the public attended the hearing and it was the recommendation of Planning and Zoning that council approve.
Public Relations Director and Event Coordinator Paul Richardson presented two bid requests to council. The first was for a fireworks bid for the 2018 Celebrate Neosho event, scheduled for June 30, 2018.
"We solicited bids over a month ago and several bids came in," Richardson said.
His recommendation was that council approve a bid from A.M. Pyrotechnics in the amount of $9,882.20 to provide a fireworks show as part of Celebrate Neosho.
"This bid is not the lowest but the number of shots is the greatest,” he said. “We wanted to give preference to local (businesses) and made in America fireworks. A.M. is based in Buffalo, Missouri and only a minimal part of their fireworks are produced out of the U.S.A."
The bid was under the budgeted amount of $10,000 and was approved by the city council,
Davidson asked if it would be possible to add additional fireworks if private funds could be raised and Richardson confirmed that it would be.
"We have an array of 220 potential sponsors,” he said.
Richardson also presented a request for council to approve a rental agreement for a 40 x 80 foot tent to be used for seating and shade in the vendor midway area at Celebrate Neosho 2018. The rental agreement with Weiser Tents of Monett, is the same as in both 2016 and 2017 for a cost of $960.00.
"I'm pushing forward as if all the sponsorships will be in place" Richardson told council. "But the amount is below the level of the bid. They supplied (the tent) for the last two years and I recommend that we do it again."
His request found approval.
Richardson also brought a request to renew a copier service agreement for the 8 copiers in use by the city. The contract would take effect on January 1 and continue through the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30, 2018.
"This is really just a continuation of last year's bid," Richardson stated. "We have all the copiers now under one agreement."
Public Works Director Ryan Long appeared before council regarding repairs to the East Spring Street Bridge sidewalk approaches.
"These are damages that occured in the April flooding," Long told the city council.
He stated that the costs were turned into FEMA and that FEMA will reimburse the city for 75 percent of the cost. Five bids were sent out but only one was returned from Grainer Dirtworks in the amount of $6,730.00. The bid includes all concrete, rebar, labor, equipment and fill material.
Workman stated that there was a mistake on the original bid, which said South Street, rather than Spring Street and it was noted that the error had been corrected.
A letter of thanks to the Water Department was received from Linda Smallwood of Neosho. Smallwood reported low water pressure on Nov. 16.  Employees from the Water Department came out to her residence, tried several fixes, and suggested she clean the water filter. That turned out to be the cause and Smallwood wanted to express her thanks and appreciation for the assistance.
Neosho Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Lauri Lyerla provided a quarterly update for the council.
"At the golf scramble in September, we had 37 teams and 148 golfers," Lyerla said. "We appreciate the partnership with the city and we plan to do it again.We will continue to do job fairs twice a year, in spring and fall. We recognized Newton County Title and Abstract as the business/industry of the month for October. And, the grand opening of Aldi was very exciting for our community as was Black Rain Ordnance moving into larger quarters."
Lyerla listed other recent events including the quarterly Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting that included the “Meet Me In A Minute,” the annual Chamber of Commerce banquet in November, which sold out, the Dickens Holiday Faire and Christmas parade, and Breakfast With Santa. More than 1,000 people enjoyed the free breakfast and the event.
"We're getting ready to jump into planning next year," Lyerla said. "We have lots of busy things coming up."
 In other business, the council also approved repairs for a raw water pump along with maintenance agreements for Firehouse software and a contract with the Neosho Area Fire Protection District.
Neosho Police Chief David Kennedy appeared before the city council on two items. The first was a request to purchase tire deflation devices using a MIRMA grant. Kennedy first approached the council  about the proposed purpose in July.
"This is for the stop sticks we applied for through the MIRMA grant," Kennedy said. "We sent out for bids. There were only two companies offering the type we wanted. I recommend that the city council approve the purchase of 20 units from End X Systems for a total of $6,400, 75 percent of which will be covered by the MIRMA grant."
The purchase is budgeted in the minor capitol and Baker noted that,
"Our 25 percent of that is still under budget," he said.
Council approved Kennedy's request.
Kennedy also approached the city council about a memorandum of understanding regarding the Superion RMS/CAD system.
"I previously approached council to make you aware of our current RMS software becoming obsolete,” Kennedy said. “Over the past 12-months area departments have been working on a Newton County wide project to link all law enforcement, fire departments, and EMS to a county wide system. The board did agree that the  interoperability was important and since we had to change systems, we needed to find software that would allow for this. We viewed several different companies and had presentations by them. We did feel that Superion was best to meet all the needs/wants for the entire county. This system will also be linked up with Joplin PD and will allow easier access for CDC to receive or transfer calls to them. This will be invoiced by Newton County on Jan 3, 2018 so the Superion can proceed forward. It's an excellent software that encompasses everything we have. It will be for everyone in the county."
Newton County picked up the biggest part of the cost and the council approved the memorandum.
Another memorandum of understanding with Camp Crowder to coordinate land use with Camp Crowder was also discussed. Interim city manager Dana Daniels stated, "No vote is needed. This memorandum of understanding is just informational. After the first of the year, we will bring to council a final draft."
Resolution Bill 2017-04, regarding city employee insurance, was also approved.
Baker asked, "So basically we are trying to comply with the Affordable Health Care Act?" City Human Resources Director Georgia Holz, who brought the information to council, replied, "That is correct."
The next regular meeting of the Neosho City Council will be at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Dec 19 at City Council Chambers, located on the southeast corner of the Neosho Square. Meetings are open to the public.