People watching. What a great activity that is for most people.

People watching. What a great activity that is for most people.
I recently sat in a large waiting room and three people caught my eye, an older woman and two young boys. The two boys were obviously brothers who were waiting for someone. One boy was about 12 years old, and one I would guess was about five.
The older boy sat two chairs away from me and spent his time reading a paperback novel. The only distraction from him was turning his eyes occasionally to check on his little brother.
But big brother had no worries because little brother was a model of good behavior. The little guy had staked out a small area at his brother's feet where he had several small cars and about a half dozen small lego pieces. He spent the entire time, which was about a half-hour, lining up his little cars or building things with those few legos.
With his legos, he built several versions of a car, changing them as he saw fit. He also built a trailer which he hooked up to one of his tiny trucks and then "drove" two cars upon it. It was a perfect car carrier.
All this time, and with all this activity, he never made a sound unless he whispered something to his brother. He never crashed his cars or made a roaring sound with them.
Those two boys were absolutely perfect gentlemen. Russell and I so admired both of them.
The older lady was a different story.
I saw her and her husband drive to the entrance and she emerged as he drove away to park the car. She came into the waiting room and took a chair. From the time she arrived until she left, she never, and I mean never, got off her smart phone. It was a constant push and swipe. Even when he husband came in, she never acknowledged him. He sat several chairs away from her, looking totally bored.
Since I don't have a smart phone, I am assuming that was what she had, but she never, never took her eyes off it, and never stayed on one thing more than 30 seconds so it was punch and swipe all the time.
She never looked around or spoke to anyone.
I had two burning desires as I sat there. I wanted so much to see one of those boys' parents so I could compliment them on having such great kids who knew how to act in public. And I wanted so much to ask that lady, "Don't you ever put that thing down?"
It was probably good that I didn't say anything to anyone, but I sure wanted to.
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Well, we have had our summer for the last couple of weeks. I am ready for cooler temperatures and more rain. I am eager to turn another leaf on the calendar because that shows we are close to autumn, my favorite time of year.
Of course, our air conditioning went out in the midst of the heat but the repairman was there within hours and got it fixed.
Stay cool!

Kay Hively writes a weekly column for the Daily News.