Hey Neoshoans! I hope you’re having a fantastic Friday! It’s hotter than a two-dollar pistol out there so try to stay in the shade!

Hey Neoshoans! I hope you’re having a fantastic Friday! It’s hotter than a two-dollar pistol out there so try to stay in the shade!
Oh, just so you know, I’ll be cooling off in the dunk tank today between 1 and 3 p.m. at the Grand Re-Opening of Scenic Park! I know there’s more than a few of you who would like to try to dunk the mayor! It’s going to be a fun day with free hot dogs, hamburgers, and ice cream to boot! The city employees have finished installing the new playground equipment and we want you to bring your family and kiddos and try it out. I hope to see you there, make sure you brush up on your pitching aim!
It has been a busy spring and summer so far for the city. City crews have now finished up on removing the flood debris for residents. Public works were also able to offer help to the City of Goodman on tornado cleanup as well. This meant a lot to our neighbors to the south, especially when they were short on resources and manpower to clean up debris.
Parks department announced two weeks ago that the RV park is now open again for summer business after finishing debris cleanup and utility repairs. Parks has been busy trying to focus on getting everything back into working order. Between the flood and the tornado, it has been a monumental task to address every issue but they’re working on it.
Public works will now be focusing on crack sealing and street overlays according to our seven-year plan. Bids are coming in for 2017 summer and fall street projects. Stay tuned to the city’s Facebook page and website to see the street repair schedule. Some of the work will be at night in heavy traffic areas. Road crews will try to orchestrate the repairs to cause minimum inconvenience to motorists if possible. Please be cautious and aware when driving in these areas so that workers can operate safely. Also, on August 1st we begin the striping of Highway 59 from Industrial Drive going south to the 2 lanes. This work will primarily take place at night due to heavy traffic during the daylight hours.  Public works will also be painting school cross walks later this month as we draw closer to a new school year starting up.
By the way, I was able to take a tour of the new Jr. High School two weeks ago and was thoroughly impressed with the design and flexible functionality. Thank you to school board members Steve Douglas and Brett Day for the invitation to tour the new building. I think the teachers, kids, and parents are going to love their new educational facility this next school year!
The finance department is working on the budget for the next fiscal year. Department heads and council will be discussing budget through the month of August. These budget meetings are open to the public and we welcome any input as we have discussions regarding finances and allocation of taxpayer funds. This is your town and citizens should always have a say in these important decisions.
Until next time, have a great weekend and stay cool Neosho!