So after last week’s column I got a response from one of my “liberal” friends. And I say friend because this person is indeed a friend. She is not an ultra left as the new term says but, as she put it, has a more liberal point of view than mine.

So after last week’s column I got a response from one of my “liberal” friends.  And I say friend because this person is indeed a friend.  She is not an ultra left as the new term says but, as she put it, has a more liberal point of view than mine.
She said that she agreed with most of my column but then felt that I might be painting all liberals with a pretty broad brush.  She said that too many people on the other side of the coin believe that liberals can’t be Christians and have no morals. That wasn’t exactly what she said but I think it is a fair portrayal of her thoughts.
I quickly assured her that I don’t think that way but it did make me pause to examine just how I categorize those who have beliefs that don’t line up with mine.  For the record, I don’t believe that all conservatives are righteous and virtuous any more than I believe that all liberals are evil incarnate and bound for warmer climates when they die.
I do admit that I have very strong beliefs and I understand that I sometimes may sound too harsh when describing liberals and their agenda.  But, I guess I really need to discriminate between those with extreme views on both sides of the political spectrum.
It’s not fair to categorize people over broadly when it comes to their political views.  In this country we have everything from the ultra left who believe that the government is the only answer for every situation to the other end with the ultra right who believe that the government is never the answer.  The rest of us fit somewhere between those polar opposites.
My mistake is when I use a broad brush and imply that all people with a more liberal slant are created equal.  But, this also applies to those on the liberal side who think that everyone who voted for Donald Trump is a racist. This is when we get into trouble – when we don’t stop and put things into perspective and think about the other side of the discussion.
In Jefferson City, I had a colleague that was about as opposite to me as you could get.  He was an openly gay, liberal Democrat from St. Louis. That is about as far away from my profile as you can get.  And, though we rarely (if ever) agreed on any issues, we were still able to treat each other with professional courtesy and respect for the other’s point of view.
I take full responsibility for how I may sometimes come across how I feel about the liberal agenda.  And, I do apologize for anyone whom I may have offended if I have crossed a line and pointed a finger at the person rather than the view.  As the old saying goes, “we can disagree without being disagreeable”.  And that is what has been lost in this country.

Right now we are going through a very tumultuous time in this nation and I think everyone needs to take a breath and understand what is going on.  Hatred on any level is damaging to this nation from whichever corner and whatever side it comes.  

My freshman year of college I had a black roommate from Southeast Missouri.  Again, about as opposite as you could get from me.  The KKK scheduled a rally on the campus and John and I wrote a joint letter to the student newspaper condemning the event.  That particular situation went away but there will always be idiots that want to divide this nation.

What we need to do is to not automatically line up on one side of an issue and start using that broad brush to paint “everyone” on the other side as being equal.  Lincoln said that “a house divided against itself cannot stand.”  And Benjamin Franklin said “we must all hang together or most assuredly we will all hang separately.”

What we are doing right now in this country is allowing our differences to divide us and ultimately it may very well lead to our ruin.  I can hate the liberal agenda without hating the person who holds that view but I would also ask the same from those who don’t agree with me.  

My wish and prayer for my country right now is for us to all pause and take a moment to look at the other side.  We need to “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes”.  At the end of the day we will be a mile further down the road and maybe a little wiser as well.          

Kevin Wilson writes a column for the Neosho Daily News.