Good morning Neosho! It’s Friday and it has been a fantastic week! Last Saturday, we really enjoyed the Armed Forces Music Festival in Morse Park.

 Good morning Neosho! It’s Friday and it has been a fantastic week! Last Saturday, we really enjoyed the Armed Forces Music Festival in Morse Park.
We can never be too thankful for those that have served our country and fought to maintain our freedom! Thank you to everyone who has been willing to serve in any capacity in the various branches of the armed forces, we owe a debt of gratitude to you and because of your sacrifices, America is still the greatest country on earth!
 On Sunday, my family and I were able to freely worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ at a church of our choosing. I want to say a special thank you to every pastor and minister in our community. What you’re doing matters! Don’t be discouraged and think that you’re not having any impact. When citizens are attending a church and the church members are operating as public servants, the community will be a better place to live!
On Monday, my family and I attended the ribbon cutting for the new McDonalds on the Boulevard. My younger children have been watching the building process with great interest, especially the awesome addition of a Playplace! There was a huge crowd that showed up to show support for a great business that we all love here in Neosho, and what was great, is that because of the much bigger space in the new dining room, everyone fit easily! A big thank you to the Close family for this improvement to our town and thank you for operating such an efficient and quality business! My personal favorite new feature of the new McD’s is the sweet touch screen soda machines! Of course, my daughters had to show me how to navigate the new technology, but together we figured it out!
 I left the McDonald’s ribbon cutting with this word in my mind. Momentum. Just earlier in the day on Monday I read an article from the Joplin Globe on how Neosho was poised for economic growth and about all the building projects going on in town. Of course, we already knew this was happening, but now people are starting to take notice. New residential and commercial building permits on the rise, business expansion, business relocations, new businesses coming to Neosho, a brand-new Jr. High School, an expansion of the library, etc. etc. Momentum! I couldn’t be prouder of my hometown! It’s the hard-working people of our community that has made this happen and you deserve it!
 If you can’t tell already, I’m excited about the future of Neosho! As we kick off the new school year let’s remember to keep up the momentum. Because momentum is created, it must be maintained and that’s how we can all help. It’s the private citizens that create momentum, local government can facilitate it and make it easier to keep moving, and that is exactly what we at city hall intend to do. So, until next time, keep up the momentum, minimize the negative, maximize the positive, and stay awesome Neosho!

Ben Baker is the mayor of the Neosho and writes a column for the Neosho Daily News.