Good morning Neosho! I hope you've had a great week and trust all is well with you and yours.

Good morning Neosho! I hope you’ve had a great week and trust all is well with you and yours.
It’s been a busy one for us and in other ways a heavy one. I want to express my condolences to the families affected by the horrific tragedy with the mass shooting in a country church in Texas. It’s hard to believe that such an awful act of evil happened in a place where everyone should be able to feel safe. And thank God there was a good guy with a gun nearby who could effectively stop this murderer and his rampage of hate. When events like this happen I always wonder what led an individual to this point where they could make a choice to brutally murder innocent people with obviously no thought to the value of human life.
Personally, I think that our society has been sliding down the slope for a while now. Of course, there have always been evil people that do evil acts. Since Cain and Abel in the book of Genesis, this has been the case. And no matter how many rules, regulations, and laws you make, you will not prevent a criminal with malicious intent from committing the crime. For instance, the assassin in the Texas church shooting was a criminal with a rap sheet a mile long. He had brutally assaulted his own child and he was still running free. Not only that but because the Air Force failed to put his dishonorable discharge on the record, he purchased weapons that he should not have been able to purchase lawfully. It’s just troubling to me that a guy with an obviously sick mental condition fell through all the cracks of our justice system multiple times and as a result could carry out such a heinous crime.
Another thing to note is the unbelievable hate that is out there for those of a different worldview. Also, this week in Kentucky, Republican Senator Rand Paul was assaulted by a man while mowing his own yard! This time instead of a religiously motivated murder, it was a politically motivated crime. Simply because a man held a different political view, he flew into a rage and beat up his neighbor to the degree of breaking several ribs. It’s getting dangerous these days to even voice your opinion or values because of the possible violent reaction that could be a result. It appears we have come to a boiling point and much of it is due to the media that pushes a false narrative with virtually every story. For instance, the media immediately politicizes every mass shooting and blames it on the NRA. How ridiculous! Do you remember the last mass shooting that was carried out by a member of the NRA? Yeah…I don’t either. Because it has never happened! And then you have Hollywood (yes, the same Hollywood that glamorizes murder and rape and every other evil act) condemning people like me for praying for victims of a mass shooting. The ignorance is astounding with some of these people! Can we just calm down a minute and tackle the real problems? Probably unlikely, but hey we can try, right? Until next time, pass the blood pressure medicine, keep praying, and have a fantastic weekend!

Ben Baker is the mayor of Neosho and writes a column for the Neosho Daily News.