The Diamond Wildcats earned three honorable mention selections when the Spring River Valley Conference released its postseason honors after Lockwood’s loss Saturday in the Class 1 semifinals.

Defensive lineman Isaac McLaughlin, offensive lineman Owen Gray, and running back Christian Maturino were the Diamond players named honorable mention.

Lockwood, conference champion Pierce City, and Sarcoxie dominated the honors with Pierce City head coach Brad Hocker earning coach of the year, Sarcoxie quarterback Chris Comerford offensive player of the year, and Pierce City linebacker Donnell Kleiboeker defensive player of the year.

Lockwood finished its season 11-2 with playoff wins over Drexel 38-8, Midway 28-6, Adrian 8-0, and Lincoln 40-33 before a 41-27 season-ending loss to perennial power Valle Catholic.

Pierce City went through an unbeaten regular season — 9-0 with six conference wins — and won playoff games against future SRVC member Pleasant Hope 53-0 and Ash Grove 42-6. Thayer defeated Pierce City 14-0 for the district title. Pierce City went 11-1.

Sarcoxie finished 9-2 on the season with a 28-14 district semifinal loss against Thayer.

Lockwood, Pierce City, and Sarcoxie combined for a 31-5 overall record.




DL: Raul Reyes, Sarcoxie

DL: Trenton Byers, Pierce City

DL: Dalton Davis, Liberal

DL: Zach Brewer, Lockwood

LB: Donnell Kleiboeker, Pierce City

LB: Brady Oeltjen, Lockwood

LB: Alfred Velasquez, Sarcoxie

LB: Josh Osterdyk, Lockwood

DB: Chris Comerford, Sarcoxie

DB: Paxton Masterson, Lockwood

DB: Jacob Dermott, Liberal

DB: Jackson Kleiboeker, Pierce City

OL: Raul Reyes, Sarcoxie

OL: Trenton Byers, Pierce City

OL: Dalton Davis, Liberal

OL: Landon Malotte, Sarcoxie

OL: Noah Aust, Pierce City

TE: Brady Oeltjen, Lockwood

WR: Logan Sparkman, Lockwood

WR: Donell Kleiboeker, Pierce City

RB: Josh Osterdyk, Lockwood

RB: Trey Sagehorn, Pierce City

RB: Kaul Kleeman, Miller

QB: Chris Comerford, Sarcoxie

K: Raul Reyes, Sarcoxie

P: Caleb Brown, Jasper

RS: Chris Comerford, Sarcoxie



DL: Logan Winchester, Jasper

DL: Kaleb Meyer, Pierce City

DL: Evan Bates, Lockwood

DL: Austin Gray, Liberal

LB: Caleb Brown, Jasper

LB: Trenton Kluck, Pierce City

LB: Weston Sprenkle, Liberal

LB: Kaul Kleeman, Miller

DB: Colby Davis, Sarcoxie

DB: Trey Sagehorn, Pierce City

DB: Jeffrey Lung, Miller

DB: Tyler Stebbins, Liberal

OL: Zach Brewer, Lockwood

OL: Logan Winchester, Jasper

OL: Evan Bates, Lockwood

OL: Chris Barker, Jasper

OL: Austin Gray, Liberal

TE: Alfred Velasquez, Sarcoxie

TE: Caleb Brown, Jasper

WR: Nic Johnson, Miller

WR: Devon Middleton, Sarcoxie

WR: Tyler Stebbins, Liberal

RB: Noah Harris, Liberal

RB: Christian Garrison, Sarcoxie

RB: Levi Hale, Jasper

QB: Gage Brown, Pierce City

K: Nic Johnson, Miller

P: Jacob Dermott, Liberal

RS: Trey Sagehorn, Pierce City



DL: Tyler Franzen, Miller

DL: Dallas McIntire, Liberal

DL: Chris Barker, Jasper

DL: Jose Reyes, Sarcoxie

DL: Aiden Sisseck, Jasper

DL: Isaac McLaughlin, Diamond

DL: Spencer Neal, Lockwood

LB: Colby Selves, Liberal

LB: Kendrick Bass, Sarcoxie

LB: Dallas Kleiboeker, Pierce City

LB: Justin Nentrup, Lockwood

LB: Dominick Smith, Pierce City

LB: Austin Dobbs, Liberal

LB: Christian Garrison, Sarcoxie

DB: McGwire Rice, Jasper

DB: Logan Sparkman, Lockwood

DB: Jack Puritan, Lockwood

DB: Devon Middleton, Sarcoxie

DB: Devin Demster, Miller

OL: Owen Gray, Diamond

OL: Tyler Franzen, Miller

OL: Seth Fisher, Pierce City

OL: Cade Moreno, Liberal

OL: Devon Cordell, Sarcoxie

OL: Garrett Rolett, Miller

OL: Aric Zabala, Pierce City

OL: Keaton McClintock, Sarcoxie

TE: Trenton Kluck, Pierce City

WR: Joel Kleeman, Miller

RB: Kaleb Meyer, Pierce City

RB: Colby Davis, Sarcoxie

RB: Justin Nentrup, Lockwood

RB: Mason Hatfield, Jasper

RB: Christian Maturino, Diamond

RB: Jobe Edwards, Lockwood

QB: Paxton Masterson, Lockwood

QB: Jacob Dermott, Liberal

K: Kaleb Meyer, Pierce City

P: Logan Sparkman, Lockwood

RS: Nic Johnson, Miller