A standoff with sheriff’s deputies ended in a suicide this afternoon.

A standoff with sheriff’s deputies ended in a suicide this afternoon.

Newton County Sheriff Ken Copeland said a 27-year-old woman took her own life after a brief standoff with sheriff’s deputies shortly after 3 p.m. this afternoon on Panda Road near Diamond. The woman and her husband had been arrested two days ago after a domestic altercation during which she stabbed her husband in the forearm with a pair of scissors.

This afternoon, the sheriff said, the woman called her mother and threatened to commit suicide. When the mother arrived, the woman shot at her and the older woman ran down the road and called the sheriff’s office.

“She called us and when deputies arrived, she fired one shot at the officers,” said Copeland. “Five or six minutes later, they heard a shot fired from inside the home.”

Copeland said deputies tried to contact the woman by telephone but received no answer. They then shot tear gas into the home, but no one came out.

“Some time had passed, and then we sent the special response team in,” Copeland said. “They found the woman’s body in the bedroom with one gunshot wound to the head.”

Copeland could not immediately identify the woman, as some of her family members have not yet been notified.

The woman left behind two children, the sheriff said.

“It makes you wonder what’s going on in their head that is so terrible that they feel they have no life left,” Copeland said.