Nearly 500 students from Crowder College filed through the job fair held Wednesday in the Farber Building.

Nearly 500 students from Crowder College filed through the job fair held Wednesday in the Farber Building.

 “We actually had people looking for jobs at 9 o’clock this morning, waiting on employers to get in and set up,” said Jolene Houston, career services coordinator.

The economy may have played a part in the turnout, but Houston was pleased with the organizations that took the chance to get out and mingle with the public. 

The event had 22 vendors and, Houston estimated, 50 visitors from the general public in addition to the Crowder students and high schoolers who were on campus for dual-credit courses. 
Houston said the community support was key in making the job fair a success.

“I think it’s very important during this time that the economy is in such duress,” she said.

The job fair proved to her that Crowder graduates will have opportunities.

“There are jobs still available, important jobs that pay more than minimum wage,” Houston said.
Local businesses like Arvest Bank, Murphy’s Farm, Lowes, Freeman Health System, McCune Brooks and Oxford Health systems were on hand.

“It was pretty packed in here. We’ve had two or three good rushes,” said Chuck Tullis, co-manager of Neosho Wal-Mart.

Tullis and fellow co-manager Crystal Ward handed out reusable shopping bags in honor of Earth Day and dispensed information. They saw a variety of people all looking for different types of employment, from hourly jobs during school to students looking for a management position.
Cassie Dent, recruiter for Freeman Health System, was pleased with the turnout at her booth.

“We’ve been really busy, at least I know I have been,” Dent said.

Many of the graduating nursing students were out doing their clinicals, but she still had plenty of interested students from part-time employment through the summer to radiology programs at Freeman.

Doreen Clouse, administrative assistant with the TRIO programs at Crowder came with her daughter, Courtney, to the job fair. The pair was one-stop-shopping for a university where Courtney can transfer to finish her degree in accounting.

Mom said it was great to have all the information in one place from local schools like MSSU and Pitt State to those farther away like MU.

“You can come here and fill out a card and you’ll get a contact for someone at their school,” Doreen said.

She hasn’t made a decision yet, but Courtney hopes her visit to the job fair will help.

“I found a lot of information about where I want to transfer to,” she said.

The extra education, whether it is just a continuing education course or completing a bachelor’s degree can push someone to the next level of employment Houston said.