There have been countless children helped through Children’s Miracle Network. One of those is 11-year-old Zach Horine, an area youth.

There have been countless children helped through Children’s Miracle Network. One of those is 11-year-old Zach Horine, an area youth.

“Zach was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes on Dec. 17, 2007,” said Sarah Horine, Zach’s mother. “He was unusually thirsty and using the restroom frequently. We took him to the pediatrician, believing he had a bladder infection. We thought he would take some antibiotics to clear it up and all would be well. We were completely unprepared for the diagnosis of diabetes. Zach’s doctor sent us immediately to Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, where he spent three days learning to inject himself with insulin and check his blood glucose about 10 times a day.”

The mission of Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) is to “generate funds and awareness programs in partnership with and for the benefit of member hospitals/foundations and the children they are privileged to serve.”

In the process of Zach’s diagnosis, CMN came into play, assisting the family with expenses.

“We were overwhelmed by the expenses that soon followed and were very grateful for the help of the Children’s Miracle Network,” Sarah said. “The cost of the insulin and test strips far exceeded our insurance coverage. CMN helped fill the gap and made sure Zach had everything he needed. CMN also played a big role in helping Zach get involved with a wonderful support group for children with diabetes.”

Sarah noted that CMN has been an incredible help to their family.

“When a child is diagnosed with a life changing disease, it is such a blessing to know that you are not alone and that there are those out there willing to help you,” she said.

A way to help raise money for CMN and other children’s charities will be this Friday and Saturday, as the fifth annual Choppers4Children Bike Rally event will be held on the grounds of Construction Adventures business, one mile south of I-44 on Hwy. 43. Combined with hundreds of motorcycles throughout the area, there will be music, vendors, bike games and other events.

In a previous article, C4C board member Bill Dobbs said, “For the price of $20, it covers you for both days, come and go as you want. Children under 13 are free.”

“We hope to attend the Choppers for Children event and support the Children’s Miracle Network any way we can,” Sarah said. 

Zach is in the sixth grade and enjoys sports. He plays basketball and baseball. Eventually, he would love to pitch for the Kansas City Royals when he grows up, since they are his favorite team, his mother said.

“He is also great at math, which is good since he always has to count all of the carbohydrates in everything he eats,” Sarah said.

Life is going on for Zach after being diagnosed with diabetes.

“After nearly a year of injections, Zach was able to get an insulin pump,” she said. “It has completely changed his life. He no longer has to take several injections a day, but simply presses a few buttons to give himself insulin. It has given him much better control over his diabetes.

“Our family is continuing to adjust to all of the changes that diabetes has brought. It is an ongoing challenge to keep Zach’s blood glucose in a safe range. Luckily, he is very responsible and understands how important it is to check his blood glucose frequently and adjust his insulin doses as necessary. He has had a very positive attitude toward all of the changes in his life and doesn’t let it hold him back. He has really inspired us with his courage and determination to be an average, happy 11-year-old who just happens to have diabetes.”

Zach’s father, Craig, also is grateful for CMN and what they have done for his son.

“We are so grateful that the Children’s Miracle Network was there to help us when we really needed it,” Craig said. “We especially appreciate Karla at CMN for always being there for us and getting us through one of the most difficult times our family has ever had.”

For Zach, he too is glad for CMN’s help, not only for himself, but also for others.

“I’m glad that the Children’s Miracle Network is there to help kids when they are sick or need medicine,” said Zach. “It is a good thing to help kids and their families because being sick can be really expensive. Thanks to them, kids all over can have the medicine and help from doctors that they need to get better. They do a great job!”