Dressed in their costumes, cast members of the Silver Follies prepared their lines for the upcoming show, “Fabulous Follies 2009.”

Dressed in their costumes, cast members of the Silver Follies prepared their lines for the upcoming show, “Fabulous Follies 2009.”

“It is a 20th anniversary recap,” said Ray Golden, director. “There will be a lot of music, some dance. We had our 10th anniversary and we got to thinking a new show, (and said) ‘well why not highlight the highlights of the last 20 years.’ That is where the idea came from.”

The cast members have been rehearsing for the past five weeks.

“They are looking forward to it, it is going on really well,” Golden said.

The presentation will include music, skits, jokes and dancing. It will be held for three days on Sept. 18-20, at Crowder College’s Elsie Plaster Center. Times for Sept. 18 and 19 are at 7:30 p.m., and on Sunday, Sept. 20, it will be at 2:30 p.m. Ticket prices are as follows: 0-12 are free, 12 to out of school are $4, general admission is $6 and senior citizens are $4.

Advanced tickets are on sale now by calling 472-6304. Tickets will also be available at the Crowder College box office in the Elsie Plaster Center from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sept. 16-18, either in person or, by phone at 455-5470.

According to Bryce Collings, a member of the publicity committee for the troupe, “The Silver Follies is a community service project of Crowder College, which began in 1989, and is celebrating 20 years of providing good, clean, family entertainment to Neosho and the surrounding area, featuring local seniors 55 or over.”

Golden noted there are cast members who have been with the Silver Follies for 16 plus years. One of the cast members is Kay Lawson-Golden.

“I was out one year, so I have been in 19 performances. I wrote the first four,” 80-year-old Lawson-Golden said. “…When you get this age — I am pushing 80 — it keeps you off of the streets, out of the bars and out of the casinos.”

Lawson-Golden noted it is fun doing the Silver Follies and she has enjoyed playing the various characters over the years. But there is another advantage to taking the stage.

“(It) gets you out of your rocking chair…. there are people 10-15 years younger than I (that) can’t get out of the chair,” she said. “I am going to go to 108, they will never see 78.”

A first-time cast member, Bill Porter, was looking at his costume on Monday night with a smile.
“I will do a ballerina dance and that is quite a feat for me, as I was never in ballet,” Porter said. “I have a tutu. I also play Ragtime Cowboy Joe.”

Asked if he was excited about dressing up in a tutu in the next couple of weeks and showing it off, Porter said, “yeah.”

“When you get into costume it is a different deal,” Porter said. “It is just like Halloween, you dress up in costume, and then you can kind of turn loose a little bit.”