Clint Eastwood is a beast!!!

That was one smooth commercial. It was my favorite commercial.

Clint Eastwood is a beast!!!
That was one smooth commercial. It was my favorite commercial.
After that???
2. Doritos, Cat-killing dog. Funny but not as funny as their commercials of the past few Super Bowls
3. Chevy, End of the World. Not the most creative thing ever but well done
4. Honda, Ferris Bueller commercial. Classic. Great references to the original movie.

Dog commercials were ok: VW dog working out, Skechers dog moon-walking through finish line
But overall, commercials were weak. Very weak.

I never really watch halftime, but Madonna is a classic. Both figurative and literally? Is that mean?
I don't care how old she is, she still did a 20 minute set in front of thousands in attendance and the millions (and millions!!!) at home. (Reference to The Rock for you wrestling fans)
I can barely get up and down the floor with my middle school kids in practice. So props to Madonna for "keeping on".
No she's not 25 anymore, but I'm 34 and she's definitely in better shape than I am.
More signature wins for The Corner

Webb City deals with Willard 76-60
Webb just missed a signature win on Friday...
Well they didn't miss it on Tuesday night.
It's not just who they beat, but how they beat them. +16 is a huge margin against a very talented team. That's taking care of business at home!
Nate Brown led the way with 27! He's a super smart ball player that (obviously) can create problems for the opposition with his movement off the ball, solid stroke on his shot and sneaky athleticism. Breckin Williams put in 20 points of his own, Phoenix Johnson and Kohl Slaughter added 11 and 10 respectively.
The Cardinals blew the game open by outscoring Willard 17-9 in the 3rd quarter.

Diamond boys bests Wheaton 60-54
I talked about it.
The challenge was laid down.
And the Wildcats came up big.. Defeating Wheaton (now 15-4) on the road.
Diamond got 16 a piece from Kyle Heman and Ryan Jinks and another 13 from Jared Huffman to secure the big victory.
That balanced scoring may prove to be the secret weapon for Diamond as they gear up for districts. It's tough to stop a team with
multiple options. And that's what they have.
That's me in The Corner:

Ethan Murray (Neosho) 6'0", Combo Guard, Senior
A very good shooter with range out to college line.
Can finish at the bucket in traffic
Has incredible upper body and core strength
Pure scorer, who can create his own shot as well move without the ball.
Can make shots from just about anywhere and any angle
Has a college body: size and strength.
The Skinny:
We use the phrase "upside" too much in this business, but it's a legit description with Ethan. He's only gonna get better and better. With his size and strength, he could be a very capable guard at the next level. It doesn't matter if you can score in high school, college ball is in large part about size, strength and athleticism...being able to handle the physical part of the game. Murray has the goods to compete.

Short Corner:
1,000 times two. Ethan Murray (Neosho) and Tucker Anderson (East Newton) both eclipsed the 1,000 point milestone on Tuesday night.
Super congrats to both of you.
Ethan got his on his way to a 31 point night against Republic.
Near misses for Carthage and Webb boys on signature wins Friday night.
Carthage lost to a 19-4 Republic boys team by one on the road. Webb City lost to Ozark by 4 on the road.
Add Joplin boys to the "almost" list...they had a chance signature win at against Hillcrest at home on Tuesday night. They were ahead by one with 3 minutes to go in the game but couldn't hold on for the win.
East Newton girls met Mac County with the two programs streaking in different directions. The Lady Pats (9-12) won the game 36-29
to move their win streak to 3 games, while the loss for Mac County (10-12) was their 3rd of now 4 straight losses (after winning 5 straight).
Haley Helig has stepped up big for East Newton in this win streak, getting 18 points in Saturday night's win over Miller
and she had 11 points and 10 rebounds in the Monday night win over Mac County.
Carthage (17-6) girls kept rolling with a 60-21 win over Seneca on Tuesday. Kaylee Morgan led the way with 25 points.
Seneca boys beat East Newton 56-39 on Tuesday night. Kyler Ng led the Indians with 16 with Daniel Noah right behind him with 14.
Carl Junction boys beat Lamar 70-51 to move their record to 11-11 on the season and 4-0 in the Big 8.
Travis Vogt led the way with another stellar performance: 23 points, 7 rebounds, 3 steals. Matt McGee added 14.
Thomas Jefferson boys beat Exeter 58-38. Alex Oserowsky showed his versatility again with 15 points, 7 rebounds, and 7 assists.
Justin Brown and Tyler Thurman had 15 and 11 respectively.
Congrats to East Newton Boys Head Coach Barry Yocom for being inducted into the Reed Springs High School Sports Hall of Fame.
He's the all time leading scorer in the school's history. He's one of my favorite guys around the area. Congrats Coach!
And the beat goes on for the Diamond boys (18-2) with a 74-30 victory over Golden City.
The aforementioned scoring balance was in full effect as Logan Myers had 19 points, Kyle Heman had 16 points, Chance Hardy 14, Jared Huffman 9 and Ryan Jinks 8.
The Diamond girls also got a win Golden City on Tuesday night 52-13 (10-9).  Hanna Million had 18 points to lead Diamond and Cady Littlefield added 11.
I believe Joe Montana is still safe at the top. Although Tom Brady scares me...
Buzzer Beater from The Corner:

Hey Kids,
A few years ago I spoke at a high school baccalaureate.
Now with graduation speeches, the truth is kids aren't really listening all that much. So I tried to make it short and sweet.

Now it's a bit early but for our seniors here in The Corner and all kids in The Corner I will offer to you what I gave to those seniors a few years ago.
1. Never read your own press clippings.
Many times the best way to lose fire, passion and drive is to spend your time reading about yourself in the newspaper.
Other times, it just makes things scary because you are thinking, "what if I'm not as good as the media says I am. What if I can't score 30 every night."
When I played in college I made it a point to never read the sports page of the paper or school media releases.
But please, keep reading The Corner

2. Never talk about other people negatively. Never
Now we're all human, and I myself have made this mistake at times. But it always comes back to hurt me...and any of us.
The best way to place a curse on your own success is to put other people down. It may not happen immediately, but you will hinder your own success.
Whether it's a teammate who gets more press, playing time or shots than you, an opponent, a business competitor, or whoever...refrain from saying negative things about them...
A man shall reap what he sows. Talk bad about others and the fall will come for you...might be 30 years later before the fall comes, but it will come.

3. Never see any person as your enemy
People may present themselves to you as an enemy but don't accept it. Even if they see you as their enemy, refuse to do the same.
Taking on enemies takes too much time away from your friends, family and your own peace of mind.
And usually, the evil intentions of others will take care of themselves. A man shall reap what he sows.
So...sow no hatred...accept no one as your enemy

3. Never be afraid to admit you're lost.

A famous proverb says, "pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom."
Don't be too proud to admit you're lost. Humbly admit your situation.

Instead of showing up 3 hours late, pull over and ask for help. And I'm not just talking about driving.
The best way to be found is to admit that you're lost. And trust me, every one gets lost sometimes

Along those lines

4. Never be too proud to ask for help

"Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall."  
(I read that in a book. It's a "good book", apparently the guy comes back in the end...)

5. Never stop giving
Even if your kindness is taken for weakness. Even if your money runs low. Even if people never say "thank you" or show appreciation.
I promise you, the more you give, the more you get. Always.
6. Never hesitate to admit when you're wrong

The coach I respect the most is the one who came in the locker room and looked us in the eyes and genuinely said to us. "That was my fault tonight".
"I cost us the game tonight." And we could tell he was wasn't a game he was playing where later on he punished us in practice for all we did wrong.
He took full responsibility for the loss, you could see the humility in his eyes and hear it in his words.
All of us were willing to run through a brick wall for that man for the rest of our careers with him.

Not sure if people will ever respect you more than when you admit failure.

7. Never try to do it like somebody else.
Nothing but frustration follows, when one attempts to copy another.

You were made different. Take the time to learn yourself...know yourself.

8. Never say "never", never say "die" and Never give up on your faith.
The average millionaire fails at 5 business ventures before he/she makes their first million.

9. Never tell people everything you know.
In this age of facebook and twitter, this is even more a danger.
Trust me, it is not in your best interest to share everything with every body. Because even though it's hard to believe sometimes...
Everything you say can and (probably) will be used against you.

Don't share your business with everyone.
Keep that secret recipe...well
...a secret
See #9

Class dismissed.