You know what’s awesome?

The summer.

You know what’s awesome?

The summer.

You know why? Because the weather’s good, family reunions seem to happen each weekend and the Fourth of July is the only national holiday during which we are allowed, nay, encouraged, to indulge our inner pyromaniac.

Like all good things, there is a down side to summer. It takes forever when I start thinking about college football, like I am now.

We are halfway through this series and there are 12 more reasons to love college football and after this week, it will be time for the final countdown.

Reason #6- The systems.

Navy runs an option. Missouri runs a spread. USC runs the west coast offense. Every team has a unique playbook. I know what you may be thinking: “Teams in the NFL have unique playbooks too.” Fair enough, but like I said before, there are literally thousands of matchup possibilities in college football. That means you can watch A Georgia Tech team running the triple option take on a Clemson team that will chuck it all over the yard. Besides that, every spread offense is a little different.

It’s not just on offense either. College defense range from 4-3 schemes to 3-4 to 4-2-5 to 3-3-5 and beyond. How can a true football fan resist the variety that the college game provides?

Reason #22- Legacy.

Linebacker U. The “U.” Jump Around at Camp Randall Stadium. Each and every school has a legacy. It can be as simple as the Miami Hurricanes running through the smoke out of the tunnel and as meaningful as the best player from Michigan wearing the number “1.” Some of my favorite traditions include Marching In at the Army/Navy game each year, the invention of Homecoming at Mizzou, the Florida State tomahawk chop, The Grove at Ole Miss, and of course, Script Ohio and the dotting of the “i” at Ohio State. Some high schools have similar traditions, and it’s something that just can’t be duplicated by the professional game, in my opinion.

Reason #10- Preseason college football magazines.

I think it’s fairly well established that I am something of a college football junkie. As such, I always buy at least two, usually more, preseason college football magazines when they are released in June. Athlon, Street & Smith, Lindy’s and Phil Steele never disappoint. Who will start at left guard for my team? Who is the front runner to start at quarterback for my rival? Who is the early favorite to win it all? Who has the best stable of running backs in all the land? Which coaches are on the hot seat? All these questions and more are answered in about 150 pages of glorious reading.

I think that’s what I’ll do with my day off. Grill in my back yard and read my Athlon College Football Preview.

Sounds like a nice way to spend a day off.

Just three more columns to go before I stop inundating you on the same topic and, more importantly, just 71 more days until kickoff.

As always…

Reason #26- This season, the first full Saturday of college football games is also my birthday.
Happy birthday to me.