For the Lassiter family, the Newton County Fair’s Greased Pig Contest has become a tradition.

For the Lassiter family, the Newton County Fair’s Greased Pig Contest has become a tradition.

The brother and sister were among the several area 4-H youth chasing down the slick, greased up pigs Friday evening in the fairgrounds arena.

With the competitions divided by age, a handful of children in each age group set out after four pigs, which organizers had lathered up beforehand to make the catch a little more difficult.

Despite the pigs’ greasy exteriors, many of the Newton County youngsters were able to catch the hogs with ease.

For Bailee Lassiter, 12, catching a pig has become an expectation, as this was her fourth year to do so.

“I had confidence,” Bailee said after the contest. “If you don’t have confidence then you’re not going to get one.”

After her successful pig catching streak, Bailee has developed a strategy to catching the slick hogs.

“You kind of wallow in the dry dirt, and then you go in the wet,” she said. “Then you just jump on it and if they’re vicious, you just kind of pin it down on its head.”

Her younger brother, Brock, 8, has a little simpler strategy for catching the animals.

“I just jumped on top of it,” he said.

He, too, was successful Friday evening, making it the second year in a row he has captured a pig.

“He looks forward to this every year,” said their mother, Mitse Lassiter.

She said the children are given a choice as to what they want to do with the pig they catch, and can choose between finding someone on site who would like to pay for and raise the pig, or taking it home.

The Lassiters, who are members of the Busy Beavers 4-H group, have done both.

This year, though, Bailee was unsure what she would do with her new prize hog.

“I might give it to my grandpa, or I might sell it,” she said.

Following the 4-H pig scrambles, there was an open contest for all area children, 4-H members or not, to participate in.

However, due to a lack of pigs, the winners of the open scramble received cash prizes instead of their catch.