Every generation seems to have worried about the “future generations.” There was a song in “Bye Bye Birdie” which lamented “What’s the matter with kids, today?”

Every generation seems to have worried about the “future generations.” There was a song in “Bye Bye Birdie” which lamented “What’s the matter with kids, today?”

I am certainly no different than most adults. I think kids today are more defiant, more vulgar, less respectful, and more willing to go against authority on every level.

However, I have found that many in the generation following me are very commendable. I have a new respect for kids since working with my 22 nieces and nephews on a family book. They, and some of their children, have been outstanding with their help. They have displayed great respect and generous gratitude for my efforts.

My nieces and nephews range in age from about 45 to 60 and many of them have grown and married children. All the generations involved with the book have been a credit to their parents and grandparents. They say you never know someone until you have to work with them. Well, I had a chance to work with them, even though they are scattered from California to Georgia and from Idaho to Texas, and it was a joy.

When we finished, I wrote a compliment to them for their actions and they, to a person, deflected the good behavior and thanked me for the chance to help with the project.

My faith in the next generation or two is more solid than in the past as a result.

Do I just imagine it, or is life a lot busier in October? With all the celebrations and special activities, our calendar is nearly full. I’m thinking things will slow down come November. We have a trip planned which will fill the first few days of November, but then things are much slower. Several groups that I belong to don’t meet in November and December so they won’t take up a day or night.

I suspect November and December will still be busy as we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. I hope so, because it is much better to just enjoy the holidays and not be worn out getting ready for them. After all these years, I’m learning to not worry about the little things. I found out that I can go out to a restaurant for Christmas dinner and not feel guilty. I would, however, miss the leftovers...especially the dressing and giblet gravy. We actually did “eat out” a few Thanksgivings ago when some of the family met in Laughlin, Nev., for the holiday. Kinfolk from the West met kinfolk from the East and had a great holiday.

The hotel/casino where we stayed really treated us well and set a mighty good Thanksgiving dinner.

We had some amazing rains last weekend, probably over four inches total. But I have noticed that farm ponds, small streams and usually low spots haven’t shown any major rises in water levels. I guess we’ll need another four inches to show some progress. The rains certainly greened things up and are having an affect on fall gardens and pastures.

There’s no complaint with the rains that came and we welcome more.

Kay Hively writes a weekly column for the Daily News.