While we still have time
I love computers. I have programmed them since 1963. But they are being used to steal our elections. They pose inherent, unacceptable risks to our election processes.
Dr. Sheila Parks is a staunch advocate for a solution to these risks. She founded the Center for Hand-Counted Paper Ballots in Boston, and her new book: “While We Still Have Time, the Perils of Electronic Voting Machines and Democracy’s Solution:  Publicly Observed, Secure Hand-Counted Paper Ballots (HCPB) Elections” is essential. Dr. Parks is a tireless and fierce advocate for accurate and secure elections. She documents the proven fact that any type of computer used for voting can be and has been hacked, resulting in fraudulent reports of vote totals and stolen elections. Both DRE’s (touch-screen voting machines) and optical scanners that read paper ballots are implicated. No foolproof procedures or technologies exist that can secure the votes cast or counted on these machines. The gold standard to ensure that votes are counted as cast is hand-counted paper ballots (HCPB), using procedures already well established in Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.
This topic is extraordinarily complex. Yet on every page, Dr. Parks’ intense devotion to democracy and to our country shines through. She presents facts, plus a great admiration for other activists, and even poetry. Her extensive notes are a comprehensive reference to Election Integrity literature. I am not aware of any other single source that provides so many references and links to document this issue.

Dave Klassen