I would like to respond to Rep. Reiboldt’s column of Tuesday Nov. 13.

Dear Editor: 

I would like to respond to Rep. Reiboldt’s column of Tuesday Nov. 13.

Normally, I let the rantings of conservatives roll off my back, but this column was so egregious it deserves a rebuttal.  I understand the frustration of Rep. Reiboldt and other Republicans over their losses in the recent election. I was once a Republican myself until the party bolted so far out into right field. As a news pundit recently observed “Moderate Republicans have NOT died out, they have just become Democrats”. Here are my objections.

First, Representative Reiboldt suggests because President Obama won’t face another reelection he “can do as he wishes”. Not true. As long as obstinate Republicans control the House of Representatives he will probably be able to do very little of what he wishes.

Second, Rep. Reiboldt suggests President Obama has been “radically transforming our nation by following the European Socialist Agenda”.  Hogwash! The president is a middle of the road, pragmatic Democrat who has infuriated those to the left in his own party as much as those to the far right in the Republican party. 

Third, Representative Reiboldt  lamblasts the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty as threatening the Second Amendment to the Constitution.  Balderdash!  We are a sovereign nation and the Supreme Court has verified time and again the supremacy of the Constitution in the U.S.  It certainly supersedes any international agreements.  Actually, as long as conspiracy-minded Republicans control more than 1/3 of the Senate there is no chance of a reasonable arms trade treaty being ratified anyway, so it is a moot point. 

The Arms Trade Treaty is a small attempt to control the export of arms which often find their way into the black market winding up in the hands of terrorists and other irresponsible groups.  Conservatives like to say we are a “Christian Nation”, a dubious assertion if you know anything about the iconoclastic beliefs of many of the founding fathers.  If we were a Christian Nation wouldn’t we be more concerned about Jesus’ 7th beatitude (Matthew 5:9) than about the constitution’s second amendment? 

Instead the United States is the biggest exporter of arms to the rest of the world - $55 billion per year (40 percent of the global total). How do the “What would Jesus do?” bumper stickers play out here?  Isn’t the objection of conservatives to any kind of limitation on the sale of weapons really just a veil to defend the greed of the weapons manufacturers?  As John Kenneth Galbraith observed “The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness”.

Jim Rhoades