[Spoiler alert! This story reveals plot point from Thursday's episode of Glee. If you haven't watched, avert your eyes now!]

Six months ago, it was the rejection no Glee fan saw coming. After killing it for his NYADA audition - in gold lamé pants and all - with his performance "Not the Boy Next Door," Kurt (Chris Colfer) was rejected by the performing arts school of his dreams while Rachel (Lea Michele) was accepted after blowing her audition the first time around. However, on Thursday's episode of Glee, that wrong was made right when Kurt was accepted into the program on his second try after a stirring performance of the Company classic "Being Alive" that earned a standing ovation from the tough Winter Showcase crowd and an approving look from Carmen Tibideaux (Whoopi Goldberg).  

So what is next for Kurt? After spending the first half of the season playing second fiddle to Rachel, Isabelle (Sarah Jessica Parker) and, most notoriously, that one Facebook friend Blaine (Darren Criss) just had to sleep with, Kurt will be able to take center stage and turn his full attention to performing. But will he and Rachel have classes together next semester? Will he too have to endure the horrible wrath of bitter has-been Cassandra July (Kate Hudson)? And if Rachel is having such a hard time keeping up in dance class, what does that mean for Kurt? (Just kidding, how could we forget this dazzling dance number?).

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And what does Kurt's entrance into NYADA mean for his Vogue career? The assumption is obviously that he'll quit his internship-of-a-lifetime to focus on his studies, but hopefully he'll bring the same tenacity and creative thinking to his performances the way he did to his job at Vogue.com. All those hours spent accessorizing shouldn't be for naught.

The most important question of all is what will be Kurt's ultimate path? Since the Glee pilot, Rachel has made it clear she wants to be on Broadway and become the next Barbra, but will Kurt's vocal talents also lead him to the Great White Way? Or is there another performing path he has yet to discover for himself?

P.S. Glee producers: Just because Kurt got into NYADA, doesn't mean we don't need to see his audition video featuring an acoustic version of Wham's "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go," because we really, really do.

What did you think of Thursday's episode of Glee? Are you excited to see what lies ahead for Kurt at NYADA? Sound off below!

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