So I’m guessing this story has something to do with time. Some of the rooms in Roseland stay immaculately clean even though there never is anyone to clean. Some of the structures outside have double shadows, and sometimes the sun seems to rise twice. And recently multiple bodies were discovered in a room that seemed fresh despite the fact that they had to have been there a very long time. The only thing that I can think of is pockets of time. In some areas of the house entire rooms have been frozen in time. With frozen time no dust will settle, no cobwebs will form no dirt will be left behind. It also stands to reason that things won’t break either. If time stands still something will never fall to the floor or wear out. It also stands to reason that the occupants of the house may be frozen in time as well. They may have been there for centuries, but if the house is what keeps them alive then it’s doubtful they can leave. How horrible it must be to be able to stay young forever but completely cut off from the world. It makes me ask th question, would immortality be worth it if the price is to be a prisoner for eternity? A nice prison, but a prison non the less.