Tonight, the Neosho City Council will vote on final reading on proposed changes to the Neosho Municipal Golf Course budget, to reflect the transition from a contractor to city-run operation.

Tonight, the Neosho City Council will vote on final reading on proposed changes to the Neosho Municipal Golf Course budget, to reflect the transition from a contractor to city-run operation.

The council meets at 7 p.m. this evening at the Neosho City Hall Council Chambers, 203 E. Main St.

The budget adjustment reflects a total decrease of $29,700.18.

Council voted on first reading in their Dec. 18 meeting to approve the changes, which include a decrease of $128,333.34 for the remainder of the city's contract with current golf course manager Justin Beck.

Beck submitted his 90-day notice to the city in mid-November.

The city was paying Beck $220,000 annually to run the golf course, which included labor expenses and incidentals.
If approved, the amended budget would reflect the city's expenses at the golf course from Feb. 1 through Sept. 30.
The budget would also include the addition of $54,400 for golf salaries for three full-time employees, $75,000 for 10 part-time employees, $400 for cell phone allowance, $9,899.10 for social security, $5,004.80 for retirement, $9,150 for health insurance, $4,179.62 for workers compensation, and a $4,495 transfer from the general fund.

Troy Royer, Neosho City Manager, said the move will allow the city to gain more control over the day-to-day operations at the 18-hole golf course.

The city is currently hiring for a golf course maintenance worker, manager, and golf course pro shop clerk and worker.
Beck's current part-time employees will also need to reapply for their jobs, and if hired, would be considered a city employee as of March 1.

The council gave Royer permission to pursue a city-run operation at the golf course in their Dec. 4, 2012 council meeting.

Also on the agenda for this evening:

• Council will consider a bid of $7,066.13 from HD Supply for water repair parts, to restock the public works department on parts used to repair water mains, services and to set meters.

• The council is set to vote on awarding a bid for six vehicle light bars and four siren switch box systems for the Neosho Police Department. The light bars are priced at $1,175, while the switch box systems are set at $718. The police department was recently awarded funding for safety equipment. The grant is a 10 percent match program and will require a $1,000 match from the city of Neosho, which is included in the department's budget. The total bid from Ed Roehr Safety Products out of St. Louis comes in at $9,997.

• Council members will consider the disbursement of $660 from the city's hotel/motel tax fund to support the printing and distribution of the 2013 Neosho/Newton County Walking and Driving tour of the Murals brochures. The invoice for the total due will be provided to the city before the city makes its payment.

• Council will vote on final reading on an adjustment to the information technology budget, to decrease the amount spent on professional IT services by $30,200 and add $34,202.50 for salary, cell phone allowance, social security, retirement, health insurance and workers compensation for the city's recently hired junior IT employee.

• Council plans to vote on a proposed new light pole and streetlight to be installed on Fairway Circle, which would be the first for the city street. If approved, the city would be charged $37.94 per month.

• Council members will also consider an amendment to the city's electric service agreement with Empire District Electric to replace a streetlight at the intersection of Hickory and Lafayette. If approved, this amendment would allow the size of the bulb to be changed from 7,000 MV to 6,000L HPS, and would increase the monthly payment by 53 cents.

• Council is expected to consider eight city code changes, including amendments to the buildings and building regulations city code of ordinances, the electrical code, the international residential code, the international property maintenance code, the international energy conservation code, the international fuel gas code, and the plumbing code.

• Consider approval of an aviation project consultant agreement with H.W. Lochner, Inc. to update the property map at Hugh Robinson Memorial Airport. On July 3, 2012 the council voted to authorize Richard Davidson, Neosho mayor, to execute a contract between the City of Neosho and the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission to provide state block grant funds to fund the updates to the property map.

• Council will announce vacancies that exist on the airport industrial development board; board of adjustments/zoning; board of appeals; economic development sales tax committee; historic district commission and the planning and zoning commission.