Could a new restaurant be coming to Neosho?

Could a new restaurant be coming to Neosho?

Richard Davidson, Neosho mayor, said Tuesday evening that he was contacted on Tuesday by a financial institution representing a restaurant chain with interest in Neosho.

"A chain restaurant that has looked at Neosho before and previously gone through the chamber," Davidson said. "I asked that financial institution to have the restaurant chain owner contact myself or Mr. (Troy) Royer so we could lay out what the city's position is and if there's anything we could do to help with that."

Davidson said it was encouraging to receive the call and he expects to hear back in the next few weeks.

He said he could not disclose which chain it is, though he did say it is a sit-down restaurant.

"Because of demographic issues, they were not able to make the numbers work before," Davidson said. "I've encouraged them to come back and talk to us and see if we can do anything to encourage them to locate here in Neosho."