First day enrollment is up once again at Crowder College.

First day enrollment is up once again at Crowder College.

The spring semester kicked off on Monday with a 2.33 percent increase in headcount over the same time last year, while the number of credit hours students enrolled in this semester also rose by 2.45 percent more than in January 2012.

The numbers are only preliminary, however, as several students are still enrolling to take classes this semester.

Crowder College is expected to have official enrollment numbers in mid-February. The final numbers are not available until the 20th day of the semester, and should be released after Feb. 11.

While the numbers are only an early reflection, the semester increase seems to be a trend for Crowder College.
In the fall semester of 2012, Crowder reported a first day increase of 4.63 percent in headcount and a 2.03 percent increase in credit hours enrolled in.

The final fall enrollment set a Crowder enrollment record at 5,590 students.

Jim Riggs, Crowder's director of admissions, said the enrollment increase is a reflection of the wide area that Crowder College serves.

"We've really determined that access is better than ever before," Riggs said. "Not only do we have our various sites – Nevada, Webb City, Cassville and Neosho – but we've expanded offerings at McDonald County and also offer classes in Monett, Mt. Vernon, Greenfield, Lamar and Carthage."

The college most recently broke ground in November on a new campus site in Jane, where the future McDonald County campus will be located.

Crowder also announced in December that beginning this semester they would offer additional programs in the Carthage area, due to a Public Safety Program grant.

The grant is intended to assist students studying fire science, law enforcement and emergency medical services.

Those classes are held at the Carthage Technology Center, as well as in Webb City and Carl Junction.

"That's quite a convenience for people in southwest Missouri, whether they want to continue to pursue higher education or to complete their education at Crowder," Riggs said of the college's multiple locations.

Riggs also noted that Crowder offers students many direct-to-work associates' degree programs, including in such fields as nursing and automotive technology.