I don’t understand, why can’t you play without lights?  Lights are terribly overrated in my opinion and there is no reason to halt the Super Bowl for 35 minutes because nobody can see anything.  So what!  When they finally did resume the game I couldn’t see any better than I could when the lights went out so what difference does it make?  This country is simply becoming to preoccupied with unimportant things. 

Apparently, having the lights go out for 35 minutes is what it takes to get the 49ers to play football.  I fully expect frequent power outages during 49ers home games next year.  The Super Bowl started out like it was going to be another one of those blowouts but the 49ers got things on track and almost pulled off a huge comeback.  I question the play calling at the very end of the game but that’s why I write a blog and Jim Harbaugh coaches football.  It was a terrific way to end the NFL season and I can only hope we see those two teams again in another Super Bowl.  Both the Ravens and 49ers are well coached and I can only hope they are able to carry on what was started this year.  Obviously my prediction of the 49ers winning 24 to 17 didn’t come true just like every other prediction I’ve made this season. 

The Missouri Tigers got off to a very slow start but were able to finally get going and easily defeat Auburn last Saturday.  The Tigers who had their full squad available for action for the first time since December 22 seemed to struggle in the beginning to find their rhythym but once they found it and got used to playing together again they looked much more like the team we saw earlier this year.  It didn’t seem like to me the intensity level was quite where it should be but they certainly looked better than they had the last several games and remained undefeated in the SEC at home.  Missouri is on the road at Texas AandM on Thursday night before returning home for a rematch against Ole Miss on Saturday. 

The Truman State basketball teams split their double header on Saturday with Southwest Baptist as the women looked impressive in their victory while the men once again came up three points short.  This has to be the most frustrating season in the history of Bulldogs men’s basketball as the team is so close but just can’t seem to get over the hump and continue to lose close games.  As I have said all season long this is not a bad team at all but it is a work in progress and I think the ability to recruit an inside force would help this team tremendously.  Both teams continue their tour of the United States on Thursday when they travel to Pittsburg State and then head to Oklahoma on Saturday for games with Northeastern State.  Obviously the MIAA has decided that class attendance is not important.  The sad part of this is the schedule for Truman in their final year in the MIAA is actually much easier than it could have been.  Thank goodness Truman heads to a more geographically friendly conference next year. 

Being a lifelong Missouri Tigers fan obviously means that any day the Kansas Jayhawks loose especially in basketball is a time for celebration.  On Saturday they lost at home for the first time since George Washington was president and I almost felt sorry for them.  Please note that I said almost because a large part of me took great pleasure in seeing them lose.  The reason I almost felt sorry for them was because of the comments made by their coach Bill Self following the loss.  They were some of the harshest statements I have ever heard a coach make publicly following a loss.  Self referred to them as babies, the softest team he has ever coached, pathetic, and adamantly stated that their senior point guard whose name escapes me at the moment would be sitting on the bench for their next game.  I didn’t see the game so I can’t comment on the game itself but they obviously played bad enough to incur the ire of Mr. Self and they should be thankful it was a home game because that would have been one long ride back to Lawrence if that had happened on the road.  Bill Self either motivated them to play much better their next game or completely demoralized them so we’ll have to see what happens the next time they play. 

I would like to thank Phil Mickleson for giving me a diversion from all the Super Bowl hype this past weekend.  Wow!  He played some incredible golf and had he not struggled a little his final round he would have had a truly incredible record setting tournament.  As it turned out, he still had an excellent tournament and came very close to shooting a 59 in his opening round. 

We’ll be back on Wednesday with another blog.  I’m not sure what will be in it yet because not much is going on the first part of this week but we’ll think of something.  Thanks as always for supporting this and all the other blogs on this site and please remember your comments are always welcome.

Have a terrific Monday!