Have you had a chance to see the eagles this year? I understand there was a good crowd at Stella on Eagle Day. Of course, eagles are found in many places in Southwest Missouri. I understand there have been a dozen or more who often use the old Civil War Cemetery in Newtonia as a resting place.

I think most of our winter eagle population is in the eastern part of the county, but you are apt to see them anyplace. I spotted one flying just west of Neosho, near the Best Western motel. And I've seen them at Seneca. It is a thrill to see one because they are such a spectacular bird and, of course, they are the symbol of our country.

We got some much needed rain, although we could use a lot more. I guess we'll just keep our fingers crossed and our hearts hopeful. So much of this county depends on rain. We are a big agriculture-based county and farmers and ranchers need rain to get good crops, both plant and animal crops. So let's continue to pray for rain.

The Friends of the Neosho National Fish hatchery has been helping LeeAnn Sours with a project to help women around the world build a better life for themselves and their families. An excellent weaver, LeeAnn has been accepting T-shirts and turning them into place mats for sale. I have seen the first set she made, it's a mix of blue and black. I understand the next set will be a mix of orange and turquoise, which should be great.

LeeAnn now reports that she has a "lifetime of shirts," which means that everyone has been very generous for a good project. Now she can focus on making the place mats and perhaps do some of her own work. She probably needs some time to catch up on her own business. She makes and sells some very special scarves in the hatchery bookstore.

Thanks to everyone who pitched in to help. Perhaps we'll get a follow-up report in a couple of months.

Last weekend was the Super Bowl. I watched the first part and then switched to PBS to watch Downton Abbey. With the half time show and the electrical outage, I was able to come back and see the end of the game. It came down to the wire and that makes for an exciting game. However, I was far more interested in the adventures of Lord Grantham and the people at Downton Abbey. Somehow, their lives are more like my own than the lives of football players. I don't know how many watch Downton Abbey each week, and I don't know if viewership was up or down because of the Super Bowl. But it is popular. I have friends and relatives who have had Downton Abbey parties where everyone dresses in period clothes and one niece is collecting some of the snappy sayings of Maggie Smith, who plays the grandmother on the show.

Kay Hively writes a weekly column for the Daily News.